Playful Corp brings a new hero to Xbox One with the introduction of a fox named Lucky. Find out more about the game in our Super Lucky’s Tale Review.

Release Date November 7, 2017
Genre Action/Platformer
Platforms XBO/PC
Developer Playful Corp.
Price $29.99 US
ESRB Rating Everyone
Players 1 Player


*A copy of this game was provided by Xbox to FYIG for review purposes*

Super Lucky’s Tale had the unfortunate task of having a release date in close proximity of Super Mario Odyssey. This meant that people were automatically going to draw comparisons between those two games, which is incredibly unfair to Playful Corp who developed Super Lucky’s Tale. I had the chance to play this game over the past week or so and I’ve found that there’s some delightful platforming fun in store for those that decide to give this one a chance.

Super Lucky's Tale Review
Super Lucky’s Tale looks great on the Xbox One.

Super Lucky’s Tale is a game about a fox named Lucky who’s trying to help his sister Lyra rescue the Book of Ages from the main antagonist, Jinx and his Kitty Litter (yes, really). It’s a simple enough story and it’s certainly not one that you’re going to really invest yourself in, but that’s par for the course in many platformers. The pages of the Book of Ages act as themed hub worlds and Lucky must collect clovers from each level to unlock new levels and hub worlds. These can be acquired by beating the level, gaining enough coins in a level, grabbing the 5 L-U-C-K-Y letters in a level, and there’s a secret clover in each level. There are even some clovers in the hub worlds which gives you a little incentive to go exploring.

Lucky is a pretty simple character. He has a double-jump, a tail whip, and the ability to dig. I loved how seamless Lucky could transition from digging to jumping and vice-versa. The controls are tight and I never had much of a problem in making a jump. I’ve read other reviews that say the opposite and I just can’t wrap my head around it. Lucky is a joy to control. You can even see Lucky’s shadow to aim where you land so I can’t see how they could have made the mechanics any better. I never had any frustration with the platforming, it was one of the parts of the game that I enjoyed most.

Super Lucky's Tale Review
One of the marble-madness-like levels.

The thing that I really loved about Super Lucky’s Tale is how much variety there is in the level types. You have traditional 3D platforming levels that make up the game, but there are a few other types mixed in to keep things feeling new. There are also 2D platforming levels that are a bit more linear. There are some short puzzle levels that net you clovers or coins for getting to the end. There are even Marble Madness inspired levels seeing Lucky try to collect all the coins while in a little hamster ball. I liked that these levels seemed to pop up just as I would be getting burned out on the normal 3D platforming. The boss battles are a bit on the easy side to start out, but the difficulty ramps up as your progress through the game. 

The few complaints I have about the game center around the camera. You can’t freely move the camera around Lucky. It only moves so far before stopping and that’s just annoying. I want to be able to look wherever I’d like much like most games in this genre. It’s not a game-breaking thing, but more of a minor annoyance. The other thing I didn’t like was having to beat a level over again just to grab clovers I’d missed in previous levels. Even worse is that you have to watch the cutscenes over again. It just seems extremely unnecessary to waste all the time doing things I’ve already done and seeing things I’ve already seen.

Super Lucky's Tale Review
There’s a lot of subtle humour in each interaction with a character.
Pros Cons
A lot of variety in levels Beating a level multiple times for clovers
Tight controls  
Subtle humour  
Technical Performance
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super-luckys-tale-reviewDespite those few criticisms, Super Lucky's Tale is still a good platformer, especially at its lower price point. This game is so vibrant and family friendly with a lot of colourful characters and quite a bit of content to keep you busy for 10-15 hours. Parents who are looking for a game to play with their kids will do well to grab this one, but it's still a fun adventure for adults as well. I'd recommend this one to anybody that likes 3D platformers and wants to check out something new. 


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