FYIG recently had the chance to chat with DJ/Producer duo KYNGS. Read on to find out more about how Josh and Ashton came together and about their new single, “Let U Go”!

Talk about your backgrounds and what led you on the path to creating music.

Josh: I was born in Toronto, Ontario, but raised in Cambridge, Ontario. I was put into music at a very young age. The first instrument that I learned how to play was the piano. I took lessons all through grade school, then eventually got into guitar lessons because my dad wanted me to be like Angus Young from AC/DC. I took guitar lessons all throughout high school and played the clarinet in the school band as well. On top of that, I played in a couple of bands locally. Most of the bands I was in never ended up working out. So, I thought producing would be a lot easier

for me because I wouldn’t have to rely on an entire band to try and create something. Then funny enough, I eventually got into a production duo because I found another producer that had the same vision and mindset as me. It’s safe to say that music is something I’ve been doing my entire life, so creating music was inevitable for me.

Ashton: I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and lived in Jamaica and Florida before moving to Cambridge, Ontario. I grew up playing the guitar, drums, and piano in my local youth group. Growing up, I was around a lot of reggae as I come from a Caribbean background (Jamaican and Dominican). As I grew up, I became very influenced by so many different genres which included reggae, hip-hop and heavy metal. Heavy metal to this day is still one of my favorite genres. I also played in a couple bands too, like Josh! I played in a heavy metal band for almost six years. Artists I loved were August Burns Red, Emmure, and Slipknot. Eventually, I gravitated towards hip-hop and tried to take a stab at producing. I began producing at the beginning of high school and never looked back because I absolutely fell in love with it!

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How did you two meet?

Josh: Ashton and I both grew up in Cambridge, but never really met until the end of high school. We heard of each other because both of us were very involved within the local music community, but we had never had the chance to meet. Eventually, a mutual friend of ours introduced us, and then we decided to get into the studio together. As soon as we had our first studio session, we instantly hit it off and the rest is history. We were surprised with how quickly we both clicked together. We had the same versatile taste in music, as well as the same passion. So working together was always a great time for us! Creating a duo together was the best thing for us!

Was a collaboration in the cards from the beginning or was it something that happened over time?

Ashton: A collaboration was definitely in the cards from the beginning. We just seemed to work so well together right off the bat. Our production styles and ideas complemented each other so well that it just seemed like we had to work together more often. Eventually, we started doing almost all of our production together and it just felt right!

How would you describe your musical style?

Josh: The best way to describe our musical style is that it’s very experimental. We tend to mashup our EDM and hip-hop production roots into a different genre that we want to experiment with. ‘Let U Go‘ is a great example of that. The artist FAGIN is primarily a folk-type singer-songwriter. So, this song came to be by mixing our influences together. FAGIN’s Folk influence with our EDM and hip-hop influence. Our next single may be completely different than this one. We just want to experiment and always try something new!

Photo credit: Janick Laurent (@janicklaurent)

You were both successful at producing and creating music for large labels like Cash Money Records. What prompted you to branch out and create your own music as KYNGS?

Ashton: Having a record that is truly your own artistry from the beginning to end is what we really wanted. We had a vision, and that is what drove us to create ‘Let U Go’ and so many other records. We still produce for other artists, but we obviously don’t have as much creative freedom since we’re producing for another artist rather than ourselves. It has always been a pleasure producing for such great artists as well as being around such influential people. Being surrounded by such driven and motivated people eventually motivated ourselves to branch out and create our own original music.

What can listeners expect from your new single Let U Go?

Josh: Listeners can expect to hear a very experimental EDM song. It’s a mashup of EDM, hip-hop, and a folk singer-songwriter influence. FAGIN compliments this song very well with his catchy hooks and it makes for a very ‘chill’ sounding overall track. We tried our best to make this song very versatile. We wanted this song to please people from all backgrounds. Whether you listened to strictly hip-hop, EDM, pop, or whatever it may be – we wanted to make sure that you could enjoy this song, regardless of your musical taste.

Might we see an EP or full-length album from KYNGS in the future?

Ashton: We do have a lot of projects and songs on the go right now…but we’ll see. Can’t give away too much!

Are there any particular artists that you’d like to work with?

Josh: Diplo would be a producer in particular that we’d love to work with. He’s always experimenting outside of the box when it comes to music. That’s what we love about him! He always tries to stay away from the norm and just try something new. If it was strictly an artist, I’d personally have to say Blackbear. He’s definitely going to be the next big thing. He’s just so versatile and so creative with his music! His future-type sound is definitely going to be the next mainstream and working with him would be so amazing!

What advice do you have for aspiring musicians?

Ashton: Everyone is unique. DO NOT be afraid to try new things and do not let people tell you that your style or your creative ideas are wrong. Standing out from the crowd is what will get you noticed.

Photo credit: Janick Laurent (@janicklaurent)

What do you guys do when you’re not making music?

Josh: I’m usually working on music 24/7, but when I have the time to, I’ll be at the gym. It’s typically my second home there. When I’m not working on music for KYNGS, I’m working at my full-time position at Medly Labs. Long story short, it’s an iOS app called Medly that lets you create music! I do anything that’s audio or music-based for Medly. Pretty much I’m making music all day and all night!

Ashton: I am very family-oriented and over the years traveling back and forth from Miami and always being in the studio limited the time I got to spend with my family and friends. It is super hard but I try to bring some balance to my life as much as I can, so that means spending more time with the girlfriend and family, focusing on my business and making sure my health is a priority!

What’s next for KYNGS?

Ashton: We are continuing to push ‘Let U Go’. Go check it out Spotify if you haven’t yet! We also have some production for artists as well on the way! You can expect to see our name come up a lot this year.

Let the readers know where they can find you online.

Josh: You can find us on:

Instagram: @kyngsmusicofficial

Twitter @kyngsmusic

Facebook @kyngsmusicofficial


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