FYIG recently had the chance to chat with music artist Aphrose about her new single Move On and the powerful, brand-new video that dropped today for the song. Find out more about this up and coming artist inside!

Tell us a little bit about yourself outside of music

Music takes up most, if not all, facets of my life-it’s the only thing I’m good at! Jokes aside, I am a vocal coach, which I take great pride in. Education, especially music education, is something I am very passionate about and I love being able to help people express themselves through their voice. I teach a mostly adult clientele, so I get to meet people from all walks of life, ages and backgrounds and get to know them and connect with them through weekly lessons. It is something that gives me great joy and purpose. I love my students. I guess that I was still music related-see? I told you I’m not good at anything else!

How did you get your start in music?

I started quite young in music. I started learning the piano at age 6 and then started studying voice at age 13. I started to experiment with songwriting when I was in high school, but nothing too in depth. All my extra-curriculars in school were music related. I was a music nerd big time. I played the clarinet and flute in the school bands and sang in all the choirs and musicals. I then went on to study music at Humber College, where I was a voice major in Jazz studies. In college is where I started to really dabble in songwriting.


How would you describe your musical style? What sets you apart from other artists?

I would describe my musical style as 60s Soul meets 90s r&b, with a sprinkling of hip-hop and jazz. I think what sets me apart is that my sound is not a ‘what’s hot now’ sound. It encompasses the genres that I grew up on and are heavily inspired by. I’m not interested in chasing sonic trends just because a particular sound is ‘in’. My producer Scott McCannell’s method of production is unique, fresh and gritty. We experiment with recording to 4-track cassette or 8-track reel to reel. It’s a really fun approach that gives the tunes we work on a vibe and a unique feel. 

Which artists have influenced your music?

Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Stevie Wonder, Amy Winehouse, Mariah Carey.

You released your first single The Middle last year. What did you learn from that experience?

I feel like I’ve strengthened as an independent artist.  Releasing that first single was my first offering as an independent artist and it taught me lessons in time management, self-management, bigger-picture thinking, and music business. It taught me that the actual music part of it all is a fraction of the equation and one must be thinking 6-12 months ahead when planning new music/video releases and campaigns. 

You just released your next single Move On. Tell us a bit about that song.

‘Move On’ was written a little while ago and, though it was a favourite of mine; other songs and projects were prioritized over it. I rediscovered Move On in one of my old song notebooks and knew it was time to record it. The sentiments of the song aren’t directed at any one person in particular – but it’s a story that most, if not all, women can relate to. It’s a song of empowerment, of realizing one’s own self-worth and moving on. Sonically, I was inspired by Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound, Amy Winehouse’s lyrical honesty, and Quentin Tarantino soundtracks.

There is a special video directed by Michael Tobin being released for the song today. Tell us about that concept and what it means to you.

Aphrose - Move On (Official Music Video)

I’m so excited to share this video with everyone. There are themes of defiance and resistance as well as themes of unity and solidarity – all themes that are significant in today’s social climate. There is a cast of 20+ strong, beautiful and diverse women, who bared the cold and rain on shoot day (which was outdoors!) to make this concept come alive. I am proud so proud of this video. 

Are there any plans for a full-length album in the near-future?

Yes! I am working on a 7 song EP which I am aiming to release later in Fall 2018. 

Do you have any live shows coming up?

Yes, I do. I am opening for Gold Complex & Yuka on February 23 at Lee’s Palace. 

What’s the experience like at one of your live shows?

Performing live is where I feel most in my element. I love welcoming the audience into my world and making sure they feel loved and comfortable while I’m singing to them. It is an energy exchange. I love experimenting with the melodies, seeing what happens in the moment-almost a jazz-like approach- and I feel that always makes each show unique.

What are your goals in music moving forward?

One of the more pressing goals is getting this EP finished and released, playing more shows/showcases/festivals and touring! I’d also like to do more collaborating with different artists. 


What advice do you have for aspiring singers/songwriters?

There is a fine line between persistence and annoyance – and you have to ignore feeling self-conscious about crossing that line. That has been one of the hardest lessons for me to learn thus far. Most importantly: keep creating and believing in your art. The right people will find it…

Tell the readers where they can find you online.

Instagram: that’s where I like to interact with my fans/friends the most: @aphrosemusic

Twitter: @aphrosemusic






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