The Far Cry series has come to a little place called Hope County, Montana. Find out what we thought about taking down a rural American cult in our Far Cry 5 Review!

Release Date March 27, 2018
Genre FPS/Action/Adventure
Platforms PS4/PC/XBO
Developer Ubisoft
Price $59.99 US
ESRB Rating Mature
Players 1-12 Players


*A copy of this game was provided by Ubisoft to FYIG for review purposes*

The Far Cry series has been an interesting one that has evolved immensely over time. No two games in this series have the same theme, but they all share the same gameplay taking down hoards of thugs clearing outposts. Far Cry 5 continues this trend in the open-world of Hope County, Montana and it’s every bit as fun. Ubisoft continues to have fun with this series mixing wildlife, vehicles, weapons, and cults to create a crazy, intense, and sometimes hilarious moments in one unforgettable experience.

Far Cry 5 puts you in the role of a sheriff’s deputy who is sent in a task force to the fictional Hope County, Montana. This area of Montana is controlled by a man named Joseph Seed aka The Father. He acts as the figurehead of a cult that has taken over the region. Joseph brainwashes his followers by telling them that everyone else is trying to take their faith, their guns, and their freedom. He has convinced them that it’s a “you’re either with us or against us” situation and that his followers should kill anyone that opposes them. It’s a story that leaves you with a bad feeling in your stomach and one that’s quite a bit more realistic than I’d like to admit.

Far Cry 5 Review
This is what happens when the cult gets ahold of you…

I didn’t expect for Hope County to be as exciting of a location as previous games, but there isn’t one square mile where something isn’t happening. One minute, you can be walking through some crops, the next a tractor is barreling towards you trying to take you out. I even had a hawk attack me from out of the sky multiple times as I was walking down the side of the road. There was even a time where a helicopter crashed into a tree and went down as I was driving down a road. I really enjoyed how many different types of terrain and areas there were as well. There are caves, lakes, farms, forests, valleys, plains, rivers, and even mountains. All of this scenery creates a huge playground where anything can happen and there’s never a dull moment.

With everything going on in Far Cry 5, I expected to see some slowdown, but there wasn’t any. This game ran great and looked great in the process. I’ve read some other reviews complaining about a lot of pop-in. The only time I experienced that was flying in a plane occasionally, but it definitely wasn’t something that hindered my experience. I felt the draw distance was pretty far considering the density of the landscape. The one thing that I was a bit disappointed with had to be the similarity of all the enemies. There are only a handful of different enemies to take out and the same can be said for the random allies you’ll find around liberated areas. I would have preferred a bit more variety there.

Far Cry 5 Review
There aren’t a huge number of customization options to start with, but it’s nice to put your own stamp on your character.

For the first time in a Far Cry game, you can play as a male or a female protagonist. You can also choose from a few different customization options to make your character look as you want them to. Your character is still mute and doesn’t really have much personality so it’s nice to have some way to put your stamp on them. You do unlock more customization options as you go through the game as well so you’re not stuck with the few options that you have available to you in the beginning.

The main story arc is a bit different as you have to draw out Joseph Seed by going through his lieutenants first which happen to be his three siblings. Each one rules a specific area in Hope County and you can go through whichever one you want whenever you want. You’re never restricted in your path. To get to each family member, you have to rack up enough Resistance Points by liberating outposts, freeing hostages, and any other disruption you can cause. I liked this progression system and it really felt like I was making a difference with every little thing I did. 

Far Cry 5 Review
Joseph Seed, the main antagonist in Far Cry 5.

Each of the four cult family members has their own distinct personality and you begin to dislike each one for different reasons. Faith Seed was one of the most interesting characters in the game because she uses a drug called “Bliss” on her enemies to cause hallucinations. Jacob is equally as interesting as he doesn’t necessarily believe his father is spiritual, but he takes the opportunity to take out anyone who opposes their cult anyways. I don’t think these villains are quite as memorable as those in previous Far Cry games, but I think their motivations are just as cold and calculated.

Far Cry 5 is still mostly a game about being a one-man or one-woman army, but now you have a great deal more help than ever before. There are a lot of NPC allies to meet that will help you when the going gets tough. I ran into two on an ATV who stopped and started shooting at the hawk that was terrorizing me that I mentioned earlier. There’s even a new Gun For Hire system that allows you to recruit people to fight alongside you. There are nine different specialists to recruit with each offering varying degrees of help throughout your campaign. You can get a bear to mess with your enemies, a sniper to take them out from afar, or even a pilot to take out anyone that’s trying to kill you from the sky. It’s pretty handy to have that kind of help with you at the push of a button and it made my playthrough much more enjoyable.

Far Cry 5 Review
The silo in the distance is one of the items you can destroy for Resistance Points.

The crafting system has returned in Far Cry 5, but it has been toned down significantly. You don’t need to spend hours collecting different leaves and branches because most of your crafting is only for medicine and explosives. Hunting is similarly toned down because animal skins are not used to upgrade equipment, however, you can still sell the animal skins for some cash and they can also be used to complete challenges which give you Perk Points to unlock new upgrades. These challenges include things like assault rifle kills, distance in a wingsuit, and the previously mentioned animal skins. I loved this progression system because you get points just for playing the game and performing little tasks. I particularly liked the leadership perk allowing you to use two specialists at once. Having a sniper and a plane watching your back has its advantages.

The entire story can be played co-operatively with another friend which is a pretty amazing technical achievement and it’s an incredibly fun way to play the game. The destruction doubles with a buddy. There is one fatal flaw with this, though, and that is that only the host player progresses in the story mode. I just don’t understand this when Ubisoft made a very similar game in Ghost Recon Wildlands that did allow all 4 players to progress in co-op. It’s definitely a bummer and something I hope can be rectified with an update, but I’m doubtful.

Far Cry 5 Review
Planes are new in Far Cry 5 and are a great way to enjoy the scenery.

Once you’re finished with Story Mode (or even before), you can jump into Far Cry Arcade. It’s a new mode where you can create your own maps. The editing tools have a lot of depth to them and it’s definitely not something you can just pick up and create a level in 10 minutes. It takes some skill and that’s not exactly something I had a lot of. Most of the levels available at launch were created by Ubisoft, but I can see a steady stream of content coming once some talented creators get some time to craft some levels. There are assets from other Ubisoft games which creates the opportunity for some cross-universe stuff although most of those items aren’t prominent items from the series they’re tied to.

Pros Cons
Hope County is huge and full of activities Most missions feel similar to each other
Great cast of characters Only host progresses in co-op

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far-cry-5-reviewFar Cry 5 is an open-world playground that I thoroughly enjoyed. Fighting back against the cult and fending off wildlife all at the same time provided some very memorable moments. Through all the craziness, it still managed to tell a compelling story with a great ending. Hope County, Montana made for a great backdrop to all the destruction I caused. I'd recommend this one to everyone. It's Far Cry at its finest.


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