Playful Corp. is back with a new batch of DLC for their cute little platformer Super Lucky’s Tale. 

Release Date February 28, 2018
Genre Platformer
Platforms Xbox One/PC
Developer Playful Corp.
Price $4.99
ESRB Rating Everyone
Players 1 Player


*A copy of this game was provided by Xbox to FYIG for review purposes*

The new content sees Lucky going on a vacation to the tropical paradise known as Gilly Island. Everything seems great until we realize that Lady Meowmalade has turned this island getaway into an unbearable place with her song blaring over every loudspeaker. Your goal is to help rid the island of this terrible new single and restore some sanity to the critters around the island. The song is admittedly pretty bad and you’ll be reaching for your remote to turn it down. While I understand that it’s supposed to be bad, it gets incredibly annoying hearing it nearly everywhere you go.

The main antagonist, Lady Meowmalade.

Gilly Island is a nice setting to hang around in. The art style is very consistent with the rest of the game and this DLC fits right in feeling like more of an extension of the game than something completely separate from the game. It definitely adds some variety with the sunny beach setting and I thought that the abundance of water really added to the difficulty level which was a nice change of pace. There’s even a pleasant soundtrack to go along with it if you can withstand Lady Meowmalade’s single long enough to destroy her speakers.

There are only three stages in the Gilly Island DLC and, while that may seem short, it seemed perfect for this type of content. The stages included in the DLC provide some nice variety with a 3D stage, and isometric maze, and a 2D side-scrolling stage. If you’re expecting for some new moves or different types of levels, you’re probably going to be disappointed here as it’s the same stuff you’ve already been doing in Super Lucky’s Tale. The levels offer a nice amount of difficulty without feeling too tedious which is more than I can say for some stages of the main game.

Gilly Island provides some nice animated tropical visuals.

Much like the main game, you’ll still be collecting up to 4 clovers in each level. These clovers felt a little bit easier to obtain than some of the clovers in the last bit of the main game. It’s definitely not a requirement for players to beat the main game before diving into this, although, there is a statue that requires 105 clovers to unlock in Gilly Island. The final boss battle was pretty anti-climactic. It was made slightly more annoying because of awkward camera angles and Lucky’s jump which just didn’t seem to do the trick when I needed it the most. It still didn’t take long despite those issues and my whole playthrough took little more than an hour or two.

I found that a lot of the additional clovers were much easier to find in this DLC instead of trying to obtain 300 coins. The alarm clock timed sections have returned as well, but it seems that Playful now allows the clocks to return instead of having to retry the whole level upon failure. That made things much easier and took away a lot of the frustration I had in the main game. The L-U-C-K-Y letters are also back to collect.

This dance floor plays a central role in the final boss battle.

The Gilly Island DLC doesn’t offer many new things to do. It’s just more of the same. There isn’t really much to do in the hub world apart from talking to the same few characters or finding some random diamonds strewn upon the map. There are new achievements for the hunters out there and they’re pretty straight-forward for the most part which definitely gave me more purpose to search every nook and cranny for everything that Gilly Island has to offer.

Pros Cons
New achievements Story is pretty dull
  Short, only 3 stages


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