FYIG recently had the chance to chat with comedian Kyle Bottom about his brand-new debut comedy album Dungeon Master. Find out more about Kyle and that album right here!

Tell us a bit about yourself?  
I’m a rare breed. A straight white male with a beard. Yep, they really broke the mold when they made me…  I’m from Vancouver, I have an anxiety disorder, and I’m a huge nerd.
How did you get your start in comedy?  Was your goal to always become a comedian or did things just evolve into that?
I got my start in comedy because it was scary and exciting.  My anxiety almost sent me packing a couple of times, but I stuck with it because I love it.  I’m less ambitious than many of my peers.  I have no interest in moving down to the states where the real comedy money is. I’m content to just hang out in Canada and do comedy because I love it. 
How would you describe your comedic style?  
Mischievous Whimsy 
What did you learn from your experience as a Sirius XM Top Comic 2017 Finalist?
Losing sucks.
Your debut album Dungeon Master was just released. How did it feel to finally achieve that milestone?
It feels awesome. I plan on getting the album framed because the art on it is amazing.  Kurt Firla transformed me into a wizard, which is all I’ve ever really wanted.
What can you tell us about the album and it’s content?
It’s very me. I make jokes that are in my area of expertise, things that I have experienced. I don’t preach about things, I speak from the heart. 
Now that you have your debut album under your belt, what’s next?
Back to the drawing board. Write new jokes. I’m still gonna tell jokes off the album, but now I have the incentive to produce more new material.
What can audiences expect at one of your live shows?
A cheeky bastard… seriously I was born out of wedlock.
How integral has it been to have a label like 604 Records behind you?
It means the world to me. They put so much work into this album. All I had to do was tell some jokes. They did everything else, but I had complete creative control.  It was a beautiful thing. 
What advice would you have for aspiring comedians?
Do your homework. When you’re starting out you have to watch a lot of comedy. Take comedy seriously. Get out to shows 3-5 times a week, even if you’re not performing. It all helps.  
Tell the readers where to find you online?  
I’m Kyle Bottom on youtube and instagram, and on twitter I’m @kylesbottom.


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