FYIG recently had the chance to chat with Burlesque Entertainer, Choreographer, and Showgirl Pastel Supernova. Find out more about Pastel’s interesting career, crazy show stories, and what prompted her to create Love Letters Cabaret right here!

Tell us a little bit about yourself outside of the entertainment industry. How did you get your start in the entertainment industry? 
I was a young girl with a dream of having huge boobs and a fabulous life. True story. I have always wanted to be the center of attention and live a life akin to like Sofia Loren so my mother started me off with dance classes. Since those early days, I honestly haven’t ventured much outside of entertainment life, I’d rather pull people in. 
You choreographed and toured as an international dancer for prominent pop artists like Nelly Furtado. What were those experiences like?
A ride on the rock star train is amazing. It was because of those jobs I had the chance to do what I love on a level and budget I had only then dreamed of. The demand of excellence was incredibly high and I learned very quickly what it means to be professional and how to take keep myself at my best performance state during strenuous travel, changing time zones and personal struggles. (The parties were dope.) 
What prompted you to create Love Letters Cabaret in 2012 after touring the world?
I wanted to lead my own ship but was creatively blocked. A very good friend forced me into the studio day after day until a new vision came to life. 
What makes Love Letters Cabaret stand out among similar places?
We offer a full interactive theatre experience. It is a very playful sit-down show with large group numbers, narratives, and stunning wardrobe. Each performer is multi-faceted, unique in execution and character and everyone is so beautiful! We celebrate individuality and provide a positive environment for our audiences to unwind and enjoy a high-class sexy show by some of the city’s best performers. 
Your next event Love Letters Cabaret presents KNOCKOUT Burlesque “Spring Fever” is happening April 19th at the Lula Lounge. What can audiences expect from this event?
Spring Fever is all about the raw and primal ‘need’ to find a mate. Expect a sexy dance show featuring bold burlesque showgirls, dazzling gents, and dirty jokes. It’s a great time! 
Do you have any crazy stories to share with us from some of your shows?
So many things have happened but showbiz is inherently wild… we have had one dancer get kicked (accidentally) by a high heel much too close to her eye. We have had epic costume malfunctions; I once had to get an audience member help me out of a jammed zipper. He misunderstood ended up putting me on his shoulders where I continued the choreography which included a beer shower all over the both of us. He was a great sport. It was a hot mess. 
What makes a good burlesque dancer? How would you describe your teaching style?
A good burlesque performer has complete command of the stage and the audience. She/he is charismatic, unabashed, ideally humorous and is a great storyteller. My teaching style differs depending on my students. With fledglings, I focus on poise, lines, basic dance steps and confidence boosting skills. The more advanced they get, the more I focus on dance technique, character development, choreography tools and costume making. 
You’ll be appearing in the upcoming film Becoming Burlesque. Tell us a little bit about the film and your role in it. 
The film was written and directed by one of my dancers and friend, Jackie English. It’s about Fatima, a Toronto-born Muslim woman, who has her life changed after meeting a group of local burlesque dancers. I play the role of Catcha Fox, the troupe leader who takes Fatima (Shiva Negar) under her wing and renames her Babylon. Off camera, I was the choreographer and made many of the costumes. We shot where I have actually been producing my own shows for the past six years and the bulk of the dancers in the film were mainly played by the Love Letters ensemble. 
Pastel Supernova
What advice would you give someone who wants to get into burlesque dancing?
Do it! It is relatively easy to find burlesque classes in most major cities and Toronto has a huge Burnside community. Regardless of whether you’re trying it out for kicks or going for pro, burlesque is liberating, silly and fun. It helps remind you how amazing you are and it can offer a bit of a workout too. 
What’s next for you? Do you have any other projects that you’re working on that you can tell us about? 
The Love Letters Cabaret shows are monthly happenings and they’re always different so there’s much to see do. Keep an eye out for my brand Hunty Swag, streetwear and custom costumes I make with my partner and burlesque sister, Sweet Rosie Mae. 
Let the readers know where to find you online.
Follow me on instagram @pastelsupernova for & check out @lovelettersto to meet my burlesque family. You can also check out my website at


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