FYIG Plays NHL Hitz 2003 – Creating The Mighty Ducks (From The Movies) and Taking on Maui


We’re back with another edition of FYIG Plays. This one features me creating The Mighty Ducks (from the Disney movies) and starting a franchise with them. Check out Charlie Conway, Adam Banks, and the rest of The Ducks take on the world!

The first video in our NHL Hitz 2003 playthrough shows me creating The Mighty Ducks from the movie. The players we’re starting off with are Greg Goldberg, Fulton Reed, Dean Portman, Connie Moreau, Guy Germaine, Adam Banks, and captain Charlie Conway. 

We take on Maui in our first game in Franchise Mode and Greg Goldberg ends up coming up huge in net for us. We also manage to get a few good goals and end up in the box for fighting a few times…Oh there are also hits, lots of hits.