In the next couple parts of our Far Cry 5 playthrough, I do a few more story missions before finally battling Jacob Seed and eventually rescuing Deputy Pratt. Check out all the action right here!

Part 15 (above) features the “Get Free” and “Dinner Time” story missions as well as getting a bit sidetracked and some research on the “judges”.

In Part 16 (below) I get a new story related mission from the Whitetail Militia. The militia hid supply caches in various spots, so I am asked to retrieve them. Small problem. They don’t keep a map of where the caches are in the bunker. So I have to go find the map before I can find the caches. I collect most of them without a hitch, but the cult found the last one before I did, so a chase ensues. I manage to collect the last one, only to start hearing “Only You” by The Platters soon after.

Who knows how much time has passed, and I wake back up in a cage, once again a captive of Jacob. Like the previous times, I go through the hallucinations/illusions, reaching the end and shooting a hallucination of Eli…. Or rather, what I thought was a hallucination. I snap back to reality to find that, during the “hallucination”, I broke into the Whitetail bunker and actually DID kill Eli.

Finally fed up with Jacob, I set out of the bunker to find… a world on fire. The hallucinations haven’t ended yet. Battling my way through them, I take out speakers that have been scattered around the mountainside, breaking the hallucinations once the last one is down. NOW it is time to KILL Jacob. Slowly working my way up the side of the mountain, I finally eliminate Jacob. I then fly to Jacob’s bunker and clear it out, eliminating as many hostiles as possible while also rescuing Deputy Pratt.

Far Cry 5 (Going after/Defeating Jacob) (Let's Play Part 16)


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