In the next couple parts of our Far Cry 5 playthrough, I move on to Faith’s territory. Find out what kind of shenanigans I get into right here!

In the last video (Part 16), I defeat Jacob. Not really much point in sticking around now that he is gone, so this video I am moving on to Faith’s territory. Upon entering her territory, I liberate a marina from cult control. After doing so, I am asked to retrieve someone’s helicopter, “Tulip”. I, of course, track it down and return it.

Somehow, more or less right after returning the helicopter, I find myself passed out and waking up with Faith (probably the quickest I’ve met ANY of these leaders). She tells me her story and how The Father saved her. After having me leap off a giant statue, I somehow find myself near the county jail.

Far Cry 5 (Let's Play Part 18)

After somehow arriving at the county jail in the last video, I wandered around for a bit. But now I’m back and I help defend it against incoming Peggies. I don’t do a very good job, although I do finally manage to hold the line.



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