The next couple parts of my Far Cry 5 are pretty eventful including some liberated outposts, death by a bull, and stealing a plane back from the cult! Check out the videos right here!

Part 3 (featured above) starts off with helping out a lunatic with a flamethrower named Zip Kupka. Next up is an attempt to find a Prepper Stash in a grain elevator. Later on, you’ll see me get run down by a bull and the liberation of Sunrise Farms.

Part 4 (featured below) begins with me finding a nice truck stashed away in a Prepper Stash. Kellett Cattle Company is liberated next as The Resistance gains a better foothold against the cult. The video ends with me stealing a plane from the cult and adding Nick Rye to my allies.

Far Cry 5 (Let's Play Part 4)


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