Cliff Bleszinski’s 4-year-old game development studio is the latest studio to close its doors as Boss Key Productions has shut its doors.

Boss Key Productions is no more as evidenced by this Twitter statement from Cliff Bleszinski today.

The first game for Boss Key was LawBreakers last year, but it failed to attract a big audience despite being a fun shooter (LawBreakers Review). More recently, they dove head-first into the Battle Royale genre with Radical Heights which was “too little, too late” for the studio. The servers for Radical Heights will remain online for the near-future if you’d like to get your last taste of this game before it’s likely shelved forever.

It’s a sad thing to see another studio fall after trying to create a different type of shooter that just didn’t get the attention it deserved and not having enough time to get Radical Heights off the ground.

Hopefully, Cliffy B and the rest of the staff will land on their feet somewhere else. FYIG wishes them all the best!



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