My Far Cry 5 playthrough is nearing its end as we get to Part 19 & 20. These two videos feature me blowing up a water purification plant and meeting Peaches!

In part 19, most of the video is spent wandering around trying to find shrines to blow up. I do accomplish two different things, though. First, I discover that the cult has been dumping bliss into the water supply, so I have to go in and stop them. And somehow that means blowing up the water purification plant? The second thing of note is liberating another cult outpost, The Sacred Skies Youth Camp

Far Cry 5 (Let's Play Part 19)

Part 20 starts out by meeting Miss Mable. A lady with a very big pet cat. A cougar to be precise. Named Peaches. And Peaches has run off, so I get to go lure her back. After successfully doing that, I fall victim to the Bliss (again…) and get to have a chat with Faith and with the U.S. Marshal from the beginning of the game. I rescue the Marshal and, after he comes to, I accidentally knock him out. Next, we meet Charlemagne Victor Boshaw, also known as Sharky. Sharky has a fiery personality. After some fun with him, I end this gameplay by liberating Lorna’s Truck Stop.

Far Cry 5 (Let's Play Part 20)


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