WWE Backlash 2018 & WWE Monday Night Raw 5/7/2018


I combined both my Backlash 2018 Review and my 5/7/2018 Monday Night Raw Review into one video. Find out what I thought right here!

Points discussed in this video:

  • The value of The Miz
  • What’s going on with Roman?
  • Nia Jax being scripted
  • Jeff Hardy retaining US title
  • What’s next for Big Cass?
  • Carmella retaining the SD Women’s title
  • The messy finish to Styles/Nakamura
  • Strowman being in a lower spot than he should be
  • Corbin’s good week
  • The great women’s triple threat MITB qualifier on Raw
  • Lashley’s weird interview
  • Finn wins!