EA surprised everyone at E3 2018 and revealed that a sequel to one of their most popular EA Originals was already available. Find out what we thought in our Unravel Two Review!

Release Date June 9, 2018
Genre Puzzle/Platformer
Platforms PC/PS4/XBO
Developer Coldwood Interactive
Price $19.99 US
ESRB Rating Everyone
Players 1-2 Players


The original Unravel game came out 2 years ago and many people were wondering whether they would ever see a sequel to the colourful puzzle-platformer. EA and Coldwood Interactive did the expected and announced a sequel to the game, but then surprised everyone by announcing that it was already available for download. I quickly downloaded the game and started my journey with not just one Yarny, but two.

Unravel Two Review
The two Yarnys can combine together instead of trying to do platforming sections separately.

If you’ve played Unravel, you’ll instantly realize that the main difference between that game and the Unravel Two is that there is now a second Yarny present at all times. Both Yarnys are tethered together and have to work together to complete levels. This doesn’t mean you have to have a second player with you to play through the Story Mode, but it is possible with the addition of local co-op. Sadly, there is no online co-op in this one. You can play the entire Story Mode alone without much trouble which is refreshing. There are a few sections that are a bit easier with two people, but nothing too difficult. The game gives you the ability to create one Yarny out of the two characters so that you’re not constantly worrying about controlling both of them. It’s a great mechanic and one I couldn’t imagine playing the game without. It’s even useful in 2-player at times if only one player wants to attempt a platforming section.

Yarny’s abilities have carried over from the original game. He can swing, rappel, slide on walls, jump from wall to wall, climb, and lasso objects. The two Yarnys can even create bridges, trampolines, and pulleys now. The second Yarny really adds a lot of depth to the game because you can use it as an anchor point for the other one. If one Yarney makes a jump and the other missed, you can just climb the yarn to the other character instead of doing the whole platforming section again. You can also swing down from the other Yarney to get across gaps. It’s cool to see such emphasis on teamwork and to see it used in such a realistic way.

Unravel Two Review
The scenery in Unravel 2 is beautiful, especially the water levels.

When I played the game solo, it felt like a bit more of a calculated experience where I had to plan out each move with each Yarny and it slowed me down slightly. In co-op, things happen faster because you have two minds trying to reach a goal with the same set of tools available to them. It’s necessary for players to communicate with each other to get through the level in the most efficient way possible. One wrong move could set you back a lot or get your character killed. It takes a while to get used to having a second player, but once you get in sync with each other, Unravel Two becomes one of the best co-op experiences I’ve had in a long time.

Unravel Two Review
Teamwork is vital.

The puzzles can become pretty difficult and really require you to think outside the box. A lot of puzzles require you to loop the yarn around objects to create new anchor points. This sounds like it would tangle you up, and sometimes it does, but never in a way that you can’t get out of it. You have to constantly plan ahead for what you’re going to do because puzzles often have to be completed in sequence to reach the next area. The great thing is that even if you get stumped, there’s a robust hint system waiting to help you out with a simple button press.

Platforming feels really responsive in Unravel Two. There was never a moment where I felt like I wasn’t in control of my success or failure. That is a good thing as this game has a lot of sections that require a great deal of precision. There are even some sequences that force you to try and fail to figure out how to proceed despite your reaction. Levels are well-crafted and look beautiful. It almost feels as if the developers plopped a video game character inside a real-life background at certain points.

Unravel Two Review
The two teenagers that are part of Unravel Two’s story.

The main story mode consists of 7 20-30 minute levels taking Yarny through a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. In the background of these levels are ghostly figures of two teenagers in recreations of past events from what I can gather. It seems to be that Yarny is retracing the steps of a couple teenagers who escape from a foster home to go on a dangerous adventure. It’s not nearly as emotional as what I know about the first game. There are also 20 challenge levels included and each one has a rating of 1-3 difficulty spikes. Some of these are incredibly difficult to finish and many of them are much easier with a second player. Completing these challenges score you some new customization options for your Yarny character. 

Pros Cons
Great puzzles No online co-op
Fun local co-op Weak story
A lot of content for the price  


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