A chicken who lays bombs instead of eggs? That’s the premise of this brand-new game from Nitrome. Find out what we thought in our Bomb Chicken Review!

Release Date July 12, 2018
Genre Action/Platformer/Adventure/Puzzle
Platforms Switch/PC
Developer Nitrome
Price $14.99
ESRB Rating Everyone 10+
Players 1 Player


When I first heard about Bomb Chicken, I immediately thought about the iconic Bomberman series and wondered if the games would be similar in concept. Boy, was I wrong about that! Bomb Chicken is a game that has quite a bit more substance than Bomberman being a hybrid of a puzzle, platformer, action, and adventure game all wrapped up in one. You play a bomb-laying chicken looking to take revenge on BFC (a parody on KFC) after an accident with the evil fast food company’s blue hot sauce.

Bomb Chicken Review
Explosions everywhere!

The game’s interesting premise leads to some fun challenges as you figure out how to use Bomb Chicken‘s bombs to your advantage. You can, of course, blow things up but that’s only a small part of the strategy behind the game. Your character can use their unlimited bombs to defend themselves from enemy projectiles, get up to a higher ledge, kick them at enemies, travel across gaps, and even activate switches. It’s a game that requires you to think about your every move instead of just blasting your way through it and I thoroughly enjoyed that puzzle aspect. Progression in the game is pretty simple. You travel from one area to another as you work through 3 worlds in total.

The puzzles become more complex as you go through the game with you kicking and bouncing bombs to hit switches to open up new areas and to also destroy enemies and barricades. Some locked areas even require a key card or pressure-sensitive triggers to be activated by bombs. There are even some secret rooms full of hidden gems. As you progress through the game, using these bombs become easier and easier and you start to understand what you have to do in each situation a lot faster. That’s not to say that there aren’t still some challenging puzzles that will stump you.

Bomb Chicken Review
Don’t spear me!

Bomb Chicken is comprised of 29 levels that are made up of different obstacles and enemies that you’ll have to get by. Some of these obstacles include warp pipes, conveyor belts, spikes, conveyor belts, and meat pounders to name just a few. Many of the levels even include branching pathways that have to be completed in a certain order to beat the level. This never makes you feel like you’re back-tracking too much, though. It never costs you more than a few minutes of game time which is a welcome surprise compared to similar games.

The enemies you’ll face in the game range from BFC employees to local natives and wildlife like bats and other things of that nature. There are plenty of enemies that involve you taking different approaches to defeat them. For example, there’s a spear-wielding enemy that you can’t defeat by simply hitting him with a bomb. You have the ability to bounce off the heads of enemies like that to take them out if you’re fast enough to do so. All enemies have different patterns and the game never feels like it’s becoming too boring or monotonous. There’s always a new challenge around the corner. There are even boss encounters that require you to use your bombs in different ways. If you take too much damage during a boss battle, it’s game over. Luckily, the checkpoint system is very forgiving and you won’t be sent back too far. You can upgrade your life points periodically as well if you collect enough gems.

Bomb Chicken Review
Bomb walls help against even the toughest enemies.

As far as the presentation is concerned, Bomb Chicken has a distinctly retro feel bringing me back to early 90s platformers. The characters and environments are beautifully animated and the music and sound effects really make you feel the gravity of the situation. The game runs fantastically on both the big and small screen (on the Switch) and I never had any type of stutter no matter how many bombs I had going off at one time. 

Pros Cons
Cool retro style None
Lots of ways to use bombs  


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