Coconut Island Games and Lizard King Officially Release the Roguelike Action Shooter Enlightenment on Windows PC


SHANGHAI – July 25, 2018 – Independent video game company Coconut Island Games and developer Lizard King have officially launched the roguelike action shooter Enlightenment. The game is out now on Windows PC via Steam for $8.99, after a 25% off discount available for one week starting today.

A grisly top-down dungeon crawler, Enlightenment is set in a post-apocalyptic world devastated by the fall of an asteroid whose energies hold incredible powers. Venture deep into the Ark, a mysterious underground complex home to twisted inhabitants and deadly surprises around every corner.

Charge, roll, hack and shoot through a sprawling web of procedurally generated dungeons, surviving against a multitude of enemies in fast, challenging combat that demands quick reflexes and careful thinking. Arm yourself with a variety of new guns and items to help you stay alive and uncover the secrets that lay within the Ark’s darkest reaches.