Early this morning, a mysterious Twitch stream playing Cyberpunk 2077 from CDPROJEKTRED started transmitting data across the screen. Many hopped in to try and decrypt the long, scrolling message, with some even going as far as trying to write programs to digest the information in real time. User /u/Spiritblackhawk and others on Reddit pointed out that some lines repeated, and it might even be a PNG image. German and Italian sources (also reposted on Reddit here) said that “something big” was happening at 7pm CET, or noon in US Central Time.

Cyberpunk 2077 Teaser

After an upload screen, stuck for over 15 minutes at 99%, finally finished, almost 175,000 viewers were greeted with a gameplay demo reveal. This reveal comes with the disclaimer that things are subject to change, and the game is a “work in progress – does not represent the final look of the game.”

The entire gameplay reveal can be watched here, on CDPROJECTRED’s Twitch page. Cyberpunk 2077 definitely seems like a game to experience, and the gameplay reveal shows a lot of dedication and hard work went into creating the game.


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