FYIG recently had the chance to chat with Singer, DJ, and Producer Janette King about her new single I Need Love and her upcoming EP!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Janette King. I am the child of two Caribbean parents who immigrated to Canada from St. Vincent & The Grenadines in the 80’s.
I am a Capricorn and am the owner of a hair business called Janettics Hair Services (@JanetticsOfficial). I love the color purple and LOVE ice cream.

How did you get your start in music?

I have been writing poetry and song lyrics since I was eleven, however, in 2008 I joined my first band (The BOOM BOOMS) as their backup singer. From there we toured a lot and I gained more knowledge of the music industry. Then I formed my first band in 2009 called The Ponderosas. We went on to write two albums and tour most of the west coast of Canada for the following 6 years before moving to Montreal and starting my solo career.

Describe your musical style.

My musical style is a mix of R&B, Jazz, and Soul mixed with some electronic music elements. I love sounds that don’t really make sense and I love harmonies that come from the soul.

In addition to singing, you’re also a DJ/Producer. How did you get into the side of music?

I saw a video of Grimes performing live back in 2009/2010 and I was super inspired by not only her knowledge of musical equipment but by her fearlessness and creativity. I’ve always written music on a guitar so as soon as I could buy a Mac computer I started using garage band and the rest is history. I thought I was so cool with my sure58 recording my first demos in my bedroom. haha

As for being a DJ, one day I just decided to learn how to do it so I went to the music store to buy a simple controller and that very night had my first DJ set at a party in my friend’s garage. In Hindsight, it must not have sounded that tight but I kept it up ever since. Now it’s become one of my favourite ways to manipulate music and sound.

How has being a DJ/Producer helped you in your singing career?

Great question. As a producer, I am able to create the soundscapes that can, in my mind, fit best with my vocals. Matching a beat with my style of singing can be hard and I find that my own productions come from the same place my singing comes from, my heart. In this way, the sound is cohesive. As a DJ it makes it easy to share the songs I create by adding them to my playlists. Sometimes I will play a song of mine in my DJ set just to see how the crowd reacts to it! It’s a really easy way to find out if the song resonates with people or if it needs a little something more. Also, sometimes I perform my songs in my DJ sets and will sing over them! I love mixing singing with my DJ sets as it adds a little live element that maybe the audience isn’t expecting.

You have a new single coming out called I Need Love. Tell us a little bit about this single and what audiences can expect from it.

This song is an experience that contrasts heavy lyrical content with upbeat dance music. It’s an end of summer dance track for sure but it also is about dealing with the aftermath of a love lost. There are really emotional heartfelt moments in the song as well as parts that will make you want to move your body. It touches on depression, suicide, and heartache but with the contrast of the upbeat dance rhythm, it leaves you feeling hopeful. The message is that “Love heals all”.

What was it like working with producer Jordan Esau on this single?

Jordan and I always have the best time working together. We met in music school in 2014/2015 and have been working on music together ever since. He is definitely one of my best friends so working together is really just like us having a bunch of fun and being goofs. Most of the songs we write come together after just 2 or 3 hours of us hanging out and messing around with ideas. This song, however, Jordan created on a plane. He sent it to me and I had ideas almost right away. I think I sent the first draft back to him either that night or the following day and the rest is history. His production style always inspires me to write from the heart. He’s super talented.

In addition to this new single, you’ll be putting out your debut EP this fall. Are you excited to finally get that set of songs out to the public? What can you tell us about the EP?

I am so excited to get this music out to the world. It’s been a labour of love. Jordan and I as well as a few other producers have been crafting these songs for a while now so I’m very excited to finally share the work.
The EP will feature dance tracks as well as some slower more moody tunes – From synth to guitar. Love is the main theme of this EP.

What can audiences expect when they see one of your live shows?

I have a very simple set up when I perform live. Typically, it’s my sampler, Roland sp404, with my Vocal processor and some moody lights.
You can expect to hear some living vocal looping, live sampling and a lot of dancing. I think it’s a pretty entertaining experience! I will soon be rehearsing with a full band to create an even more in-depth live performance which will be ready by the end of September.

Do you have any musicians you’d really like to work with? If so, who and why?

I would love to work with Janelle Monae at some point. Her musical direction has always been so authentic and unique to me.
As for local Montreal artists, I would love to create music with Maryze, Dominique Fils-Aimé, La Fièvre, NOVEMBER and so many more. These artists push me to be better every day by inspiring me to the fullest. They are always creating such amazing music and art.

What type of advice do you have for aspiring musicians?

Believe in yourself. Know that there is not another person on this earth like you so just be yourself and trust in your art. You create your own reality so, create something worth your time. Create a life where you can look back on it when your old and wrinkly and say, “Wow, I lived to my fullest potential and I followed my dreams to the best of my abilities.”

What’s next for your career beyond your debut EP?

I want to see the world so I plan to go on many tours around the world to promote this music and to be inspired to create more! Beyond that, I plan on doing many collabs with different local and global artists. I have a collab coming out Sept 22nd with an artist named Boha that I am super excited about. It’s called “Dots” and will be available on all platforms under his artist name.

Where can the readers find you online?

You can find me on :
Spotify: Janette King
Facebook: @JanetteKingMusic
Instagram: @Janette.King
Twitter: @JanetteKing 
Soundcloud: Janette King
iTunes: Janette King


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