A new game mode has made its way to State of Decay 2 for up to 4 players. Find out what we thought about the latest DLC in our State of Decay 2 Daybreak Pack Review!

Release Date September 12, 2018
Genre Survival
Platforms XBO/PC
Developer Undead Labs
Price $9.99 US
ESRB Rating Mature
Players 1-4 Players


*A copy of this DLC was provided to FYIG by Xbox for review purposes*

I was pleasantly surprised when I reviewed State of Decay 2 earlier this year. It was a game full of tension and I had a lot of fun fortifying my bases against the zombies. It was nice to have a game that had real consequences for dying and it really made me play the game much more strategically than I would any other game. The game’s latest expansion takes away a lot of that enjoyment by instead throwing you in a very vanilla static environment trying to defend what amounts to be a wall from the horde.

State of Decay 2 Daybreak Pack
The ramp the leads above the walls is a good vantage point until you run out of ammo.

You play as a soldier from the mysterious Red Talon clan which we never learn anything about. Your goal, as is typical in most horde modes, is to protect a technician. This technician is repairing a satellite relay and taking a heck of a lot of time to do it. There‚Äôs only the team of you, three friends, and the wall standing in the way of failure. The mode features 7 waves of zombies, each more powerful than the last. It’s up to you and up to 3 other friends to hold off the horde.

State of Decay 2 Daybreak Pack
They’re coming.

You can start out with 3 weapons, a gun, a melee weapon, and a grenade. It seems pretty standard until you realize that ammo is so scarce that you’ll be out of it completely after the first 3 waves. I quickly learned that it was easier to just mash the melee button on the outside of the wall to take out all the zombies than using the few bullets that I actually had. It was much better to save as many bullets as possible for the later waves.

There are 3 types of special zombies, Feral, Juggernaut, and Bloater. Feral zombies are quick and run on all fours, Juggernauts take and dish out tons of damage, and Bloaters spew out gas when they explode. None of these zombies were overly challenging and the Juggernaut was the only one that actually took a while to kill. Most of the issue is getting close enough when he kneels over to actually hit your finishing move on him which is just an animation. That is the only way to defeat him. The other two zombies are fairly easy to take out. There is even a Blood Plague variant of the Juggernaut. If he hits you enough times, you fall victim to the Blood Plague and die.

State of Decay 2 Daybreak Pack
Hurry up, Technician!

Ammo does show up in between waves in the form of supply drops, but I never found anything interesting. I usually found one clip of ammo which was good for a handful of kills before it was useless. You never seem to find anything you actually need. We went into one round with two walls wide open because there were no wall repair kits available. I went into the last two rounds of a game we won with no bullets at all because there were none to be found. Part of the fun of modes like this is constantly upgrading your equipment and in my experience, there was none of that. There are some new guns, but there isn’t any new equipment that I could find to really help you out and you can’t build any cool traps or anything like that.

A nice touch to the mode is that you can unlock rewards for you main game as well as the Daybreak DLC. Each action (like killing a zombie) rewards you with prestige points that you can use to unlock new starting weapons in Daybreak and unique weapons in the main game. There are also new Red Talon buildings for your community and a new survivor to recruit. 

Pros Cons
Fun to waste some time with friends Very little ammo/equipment
  Mostly generic zombies
  All characters are the same


State of Decay 2 Review


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