FYIG recently had the chance to chat with pop duo TWNRVA about their new single Bad Decisions, the origins of their name, and more!

Tell us a little bit about yourselves?

TWNRVA (read as Twin Rova) is a new pop duo consisting of Devin Moody and Andrew Falcao. We’ve been writing songs together for almost 8 years and but are stoked to be releasing a new collection of songs under our new name. The music is heavily inspired by 1990’s pop producer Max Martin but with a darker vibe. 

Devin Moody – I sing in the band. I’ve been singing and writing songs since I was 13 and now I can’t stop doing it. When I’m not working on music, I usually spend time with family and friends, playing video games or hanging out with my wiener dog. 

Andrew Falcao – I play guitar, sing harmony and do most of the instrumental programming for the band. I’ve also been writing songs since I was 13 and it’s become my voice. On my off time, I hang out with my cat and watch documentaries – Knowledge is power!

Where did you come up with the name TWNRVA?

TWNRVA is actually the name of a boss you must defeat from Devin’s favourite video game – Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. 

How would you describe your musical style?

It is heavily influenced by 1990’s pop music. Everything from Backstreet Boys to NSYNC to Britney Spears. We are huge fans of super-producer Max Martin because we love the way he crafts his songs around the melody. We pay homage to the ’90s with our own sinister sound. 

You’re both former members of pop-punk band July. What prompted you to go off and create a new duo?

To be completely honest, we were hitting some roadblocks with our old name July. One of them was that there was a popular English psychedelic rock band from the 1970’s with the same name. Every time you would search “July” on streaming services, you’d end up at the 1970’s July page. Since we were exploring a new sound out of the “pop-punk” genre, we decided that this would be the most appropriate time to change the name. The new sound is an extension of what was happening with July but we needed an updated brand to release music with. 

Was music always a part of your career paths or did it evolve into that once you started the band?

Devin Moody – Yes. I’ve known that I wanted to be a musician since I wrote my first song. Playing music is probably the most cathartic thing for me. The feeling of playing great songs with talented musicians only confirms my passion.

Andrew Falcao – I remember hearing and seeing the Backstreet Boys on TV when I was very young and remember feeling right away that this is what I wanted to do. I haven’t been able to shake that feeling since. 

What did you learn from your time in July? How have you evolved since then?

Devin Moody – I learned a lot from July. We definitely learned a lot of hard lessons as a young band but overall taught us everything from music business to touring and writing/recording. It also made us grow as people because it allowed us to travel and see different perspectives. 

Andrew Falcao – So much. A big thing for me was being around Sam, our drummer who is a popular producer in Toronto and stealing a lot of his secrets in production and songwriting. I owe a lot to Sam for my evolution as a songwriter and producer. 

You just released your debut single Bad Decisions. What can you tell us about that song?

It’s a song inspired by the events of a casual relationship gone wrong. The song is reminiscent of ’90s heavyweights Backstreet Boys and NSYNC with our darker sound. “Bad Decisions” actually came from a phone call with a friend who said, “I keep making these Bad Decisions” referring to his lack of willpower to abstain from her allure.

Do you have any plans for an EP or full-length album? If so, what can audiences expect from it?

It is going to be a high energy 9-song pop album just in time for Summer 2019 and we already have a ton of songs written. We will be releasing a few singles/music videos up until the release. 

What are your goals for this duo going forward?

We would really love to get some opportunities to perform live. We really want to focus on putting on a great show that people don’t forget. We have been discussing tours with other up-and-coming Toronto acts. Creating social media content for our fans to enjoy on the go is also a priority.

What advice would you give to aspiring music artists?

Devin Moody – My cheesy advice is to never give up and to be yourself. If you think you are passionate about what you are creating then just go for it. Take criticisms into consideration but always write what is true to yourself. 

What’s a day in the life of TWNRVA outside the studio like?

Devin Moody – I’m usually hanging out at my apartment working on music or trying to find inspiration through movies, video games or experiences. I have a puppy so that keeps me busy. The time I spend away from the studio is usually spent with time thinking abut what I’m going to be bringing back to the studio. 

Andrew Falcao – I hang out with my cat in my home studio and just write songs a lot. If i’m feeling lazy, I’m ten feet from my studio on my couch entertaining friends or watching any doc that sparks my fancy.

Let the readers know where to find you online.

You can find us on all social networks

Twitter – @twnrvaband 

Instagram – @twnrva 


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