FYIG recently had the chance to chat with singer Bree Taylor about her latest single You Played It All. Find out more about her singing career, YouTube channel, and her latest EP Unbreakable right here!

Tell us a little bit about yourself. 
I’m Bree! I am a singer-songwriter from Toronto and I would describe my personality as a combination of Jennifer Lawrence meets Taylor Swift – approachable, kind, honest, humble, loyal, funny and down to earth. I am always myself. I have never been able to be anyone but me and I love other artists and icons who are that way too. I love people who are extremely real and relatable in the media and have always promised myself that I would stay that way no matter what. 
How would you describe your musical style? 
My music is pop with elements of pop/rock, country, and some dance vibes. I love pop music because it allows me to explore other genres that I love. I grew up listening to EVERYTHING music wise from country, rock, even metal so pop music just felt right to me. I’ve been told I have a killer country voice/sound as well and I love to perform country covers at my shows. I plan to explore more pop/country sounds with my music in the future but for now, I am having fun with pop elements. 
You’ve been performing since the age of 6 when you joined your school choir. Was music always something you wanted to make a career out of? 
Music is something I feel I was born to do. It just feels right when I am writing, recording or performing. I was surrounded by and fell in love with music at such a young age and always had a dream of doing this professionally. I was always writing and singing and searching for new music and stealing my parents CD’s and participating in choir was just a step in this direction. I did have a few years where I wanted to be a veterinarian because I love animals and wanted to save them all and I have always found psychology extremely fascinating so I’ve said that if I wasn’t pursuing music I would have gone down one of those two career paths. 
How instrumental was vocal coach Bob Garrett in your career? 
I’ve only been lucky enough to take a few lessons with Bob while visiting in Los Angeles but he is an INCREDIBLE coach and has so much experience and wisdom to share. He definitely taught me a lot about vocal arrangements and performances and has helped me in my vocal abilities and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again when I get the chance. 
How have you evolved as an artist since your first single Broken Dreams in September 2016? 
I have evolved SO much since Broken Dreams was released. It actually wasn’t the first song on my EP that I recorded, it was the third, but I loved it so much that I wanted it to be my debut single at the time. Since releasing the song though, I have grown so much as a person and since all my music is extremely personal, so has my music. I write from my heart and soul and pour so much of myself into my music especially lyrically so the more I go through, the more my music grows and changes. I find myself to be a relatable person in my day-to-day life which I believe translates into my music as well so I am always focused on personal growth and self-improvement and being open to new experiences. My musical interests change constantly so I find that influences my sound as well as collaborating and working with different producers and songwriters. 
Tell us about the inspiration behind your new single You Played It All.
I actually wrote the song a few years ago as a sad piano ballad about a guy who I felt was playing games, leading me on and it seemed like things were doomed to fail from the start. I just always felt like there was something so raw and real about this song and its lyrics and I really wanted to record it. I was seeing a guy very briefly, who turned out to be very narcissistic, which is why things didn’t work out. Around the time we took this song into production, that experience really inspired me and brought a whole new level of meaning to the song and the lyrics, which is why the song’s meaning is, essentially, that I dodged a bullet. This is true of any similar situation – anyone who acts that way in a relationship isn’t worth your time or energy or tears so if they want to “play it all” then good riddance. 
Songwriting is like therapy for me – it’s a way for me to work through my emotions and share my story and experiences with the world. It is a song about dating and relationships in today’s dating era where many guys play games and lead girls on and don’t take relationships seriously. They get scared of commitment or just purely enjoy the chase and are emotionally immature but a lot of great women get hurt by them in the process. What I want people to take away from this song, however, is that if someone is playing with your emotions in any dating/relationship scenario, they aren’t worth your time or energy and you’re better off without them. So what seems like a hurtful situation is actually a blessing in disguise because you deserve so much better than that. 
What can audiences expect from your latest EP Unbreakable
Listeners can expect to FEEL. Each song has such meaning behind it and I find really makes you FEEL some sort of way – whether it’s sad, nostalgic, confident or blissfully happy. I think this EP overall, brings up so many memories and emotions and I find everyone can take something different away from each song. This EP is very me. Each song is a little piece of who I am and represents how far I have come. I titled it “Unbreakable” because of the perseverance I have pushed through in my musical career so far. And that no matter what life has thrown at me, I am right back up again. I am unbreakable. 
What is the experience like at one of your live shows? Do you have any tours coming up? 
No upcoming tours planned just yet. I toured for two weeks across Canada this past spring and I am hoping to plan one for next spring/summer. My shows are fun and emotional like me and my music. You get a piece of me and my life story at a show – I love to share what I am going through at the time of a show and incorporate it into a song I am performing whether it’s my own or a cover song I am loving at the time. I am a talker, often times you can’t shut me up so you definitely get entertainment in many forms at one of my shows. I love being a storyteller!
In addition to music, you’re also a lifestyle content creator on YouTube. How did this idea come about? 
I loved YouTube when I was growing up and loved following my favourite creators so decided one day to just go for it and try it. I was always being creative as a kid and growing up that always stuck with me so when YouTube was growing into this huge community I just found I FIT. It has been another way to express myself and be a creative outlet for me – whether it’s through makeup/beauty videos, DIY projects or just talking in front of a camera about something I am passionate about. I love the connection I get with my fans and followers on my YouTube channel and it’s been a place where I can be me and give more of myself to people who support me and my career. 
What kind of stuff can people anticipate seeing on your channel? 
My YouTube channel has become a place that is all me. What I feel like doing or filming or saying at a certain time. I love makeup but there are days I never wear it. Sometimes it will be a product review or a hair/makeup tutorial other times it will be me talking about dating/relationships or giving life advice. I will always post my music videos and occasionally do a vlog/behind the scenes videos about my life or a project. Viewers can expect a bit of everything from me on there. There is something for everyone. 
Do you plan on continuing on YouTube as your music career blossoms? 
I get so busy juggling so much on my plate. I love to do so many things that YouTube has taken a back seat the past few years especially with my music becoming more of a focus but it is something I still love and want to continue to do as long as I can. I do my best and have a lot of things planned for my channel. I am also starting a Podcast soon as another way to connect with fans and express myself and my interests. 
What advice would you have for aspiring singers? 
I would tell them to always be practicing their craft and to learn the business side of this industry as well. You have to take your career into your own hands as an indie artist – especially for us women. Knowledge is power, so learn as much as you can about the music business and treat yourself as a business. No one is going to give you a handout, you have to work hard and put in the time and make sacrifices along the way if you’re serious about a career in this industry. I want this so badly and have worked so hard and will continue to until I get where I want to be and I won’t let anything stop me. Be strong. Persevere against all odds and prove everyone wrong who told you that you couldn’t do this. Believe in yourself and your dream. Be okay with failing and making mistakes and never give up. 
What kinds of things do you do outside of the studio and making videos? 
I love to read – have always been a bookworm. I like to workout, I go to the gym and do yoga 3-4 times a week. I also run my own planner sticker company on Etsy called SimplyyGlamDesigns making and designing planner stickers for day planners because I am extremely organized. You can check it out at: I also make YouTube videos in my spare time that started as a makeup/beauty channel, which then turned into a lifestyle channel covering an array of topics such as dating, relationships, career, mental health awareness, body image etc. I also spend time with my friends and family and my 9-year-old Chihuahua, Aria.
Let the readers know where to find you online
I have all my social media links and information on tour dates on my website I love posting on instagram @BreeTaylorOfficial and Twitter @BreeTaylor


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