Pokémon GO developers announced today that players will soon be able to hatch eggs and earn candies for walking – even when the app is closed or even when players are away from their phones. Called Adventure Sync, the app will now integrate with Apple Health and Google Fitness to track distances traveled, preserving precious battery life normally used to keep the app running.

While a similar feature has been available through the Pokémon GO Plus accessory, as well as a WatchOS app for Apple Watches, it hasn’t always synced effortlessly or performed as well as players had hoped. With a more official integration with the robust fitness tracking offered by Apple and Google, players will have an easier time leveling up that Magikarp into a powerful Gyrados.

Niantic didn’t mention when this feature will go live, only that it will be coming soon. More information about the new Adventure Sync feature can be found on their blog.


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