We’re back with 3 more videos in our Mass Effect playthrough as we meet Wrex and Garrus and confront Fist!

Part 3 (above): Last time we found the beacon, although somehow we broke it. But not before giving Shepard some sort of vision of death. Of the future perhaps? Now we are at the Citadel and discussing the issue of Saren with the council.

Part 4 (below): After speaking to the Council last time, this time we will be doing some detective work apparently.

Meeting Garrus and Wrex (Mass Effect Let's Play Part 4)

Part 5 (below): A little detour on our way to confront Fist leads to meeting Jahleed and Chorban, a pair of scientists who have figured out how to study the keeps and apparently had a bit of a misunderstanding with each other. After clearing that up, it is on to confront Fist.

Confronting Fist (Mass Effect Let's Play Part 5)


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