11/6/2018 Xbox Store Update


Get Just Cause 3 on sale ahead of the December release of Just Cause 4 in the 11/6/2018 Xbox Store Update!

Xbox One Deals

Just Cause 3: XXL Edition*Xbox One Game70%DWG
Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour*Xbox One Game67%DWG
Overlord: Fellowship of Evil*Xbox One Game75%DWG
Bedlam – The Game By Christopher Brookmyre*Xbox One Game60%DWG
Blackwood Crossing*Xbox One Game40%DWG
Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition*Xbox One Game67%DWG
Super Knight Riders*Xbox One X Enhanced50%DWG
The Inner World*Xbox One Game67%DWG
Earth Atlantis*Xbox One Game33%DWG
Socketeer*Xbox One Game30%DWG
Just Cause 3*Xbox One Game70%DWG
Just Cause 3 Ultimate Mission, Weapon and Vehicle Pack*Add-On70%DWG
Just Cause 3: Air, Land & Sea Expansion Pass*Add-On75%DWG
FIFA 19 Ultimate EditionXbox One X Enhanced30%Spotlight
Just Cause 3: Bavarium Sea HeistAdd-On70%Spotlight
Just Cause 3: Mech Land AssaultAdd-On70%Spotlight
Just Cause 3: Sky FortressAdd-On70%Spotlight
Forza Motorsport 6 Porsche ExpansionAdd-On75%Spotlight
ARK: Survival EvolvedXbox One X Enhanced50 – 60%Spotlight
ARK: Scorched EarthAdd-On50 – 60%Spotlight
ARK: AberrationAdd-On40 – 50%Spotlight
ARK: Survival Evolved Season PassAdd-On25 – 35%Spotlight
ARK: Survival Evolved Explorer’s EditionXbox One X Enhanced40 – 50%Spotlight
Raging JusticeXbox One Game50%Spotlight
Super Dungeon BrosXbox One Game75%Spotlight
Wired Twin-Stick BundleXbox One Game75%Spotlight
Worms Battleground: Alien InvasionAdd-On75%Spotlight
The Escapists 2Xbox One Game50%Spotlight
The Escapists 2 – The Glorious RegimeAdd-On50%Spotlight
The Escapists 2 Season PassAdd-On50%Spotlight
The Escapists 2 – Wicked WardAdd-On50%Spotlight
The Escapists 2 Special EditionXbox One Game50%Spotlight
The Escapists 2 – Big Top BreakoutAdd-On50%Spotlight
The Escapists 2 – Dungeons and Duct TapeAdd-On50%Spotlight
I, ZombieXbox One Game50%Spotlight
Yet Another Zombie Defene HDXbox One X Enhanced33%Spotlight
The Bunker Xbox One Game60%Spotlight
Late ShiftXbox Game Pass40%Spotlight
I Am the HeroXbox One Game15%Spotlight
FuriXbox One Game50%Spotlight
X-Morph: Defense & Zombie Driver BundleXbox One Game50%Spotlight
Tesla vs LovecraftXbox One X Enhanced30%Spotlight
Die for Valhalla!Xbox One Game30%Spotlight
MulakaXbox One Game40%Spotlight
JYDGEXbox One Game70%Spotlight
Nine ParchmentsXbox One X Enhanced60%Spotlight
Guns, Gore and CannoliXbox One Game50%Spotlight
Air Guitar Warrior Gamepad EditionXbox One Game40%Spotlight
Atomic HeistXbox One Game50%Spotlight
Battle High 2 A+Xbox One Game80%Spotlight
Beat This Bundle: Kung-Fu & BeatsplosionXbox One Game40%Spotlight
BirdcakesXbox Play Anywhere40%Spotlight
Bloody ZombiesXbox One Game60%Spotlight
Brawlout Standard EditionXbox One X Enhanced50%Spotlight
Cannon BrawlXbox One Game40%Spotlight
Circuit BreakersXbox One Game75%Spotlight
Claws of FurryXbox One X Enhanced25%Spotlight
CrimsonlandXbox One Game70%Spotlight
Demon’s CrystalsXbox One Game60%Spotlight
Drunk-Fu: Wasted MastersXbox One X Enhanced25%Spotlight
Dungeon PunksXbox One Game67%Spotlight
GoNNER – BLüEBERRY EDiTIONXbox One Game30%Spotlight
Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship EditionXbox One Game75%Spotlight
Hyper SentinelXbox One X Enhanced40%Spotlight
Lovely PlanetXbox One Game80%Spotlight
Moonfall UltimateXbox One Game20%Spotlight
Mr. ShiftyXbox One Game50%Spotlight
Neon ChromeXbox One X Enhanced70%Spotlight
NeuroVoiderXbox One Game50%Spotlight
Next Up HeroXbox One Game50%Spotlight
No Time To ExplainXbox One Game50%Spotlight
Overdriven Reloaded: Special EditionXbox Play Anywhere67%Spotlight
Riddled Corpses EX Xbox One Game33%Spotlight
Shaq Fu: A Legend RebornXbox One Game50%Spotlight
Solar Shifter EXXbox One Game70%Spotlight
Steredenn: Binary StarsXbox Game Pass50%Spotlight
Super HydorahXbox One Game33%Spotlight
TeslapunkXbox One Game60%Spotlight
Time RecoilXbox One Game70%Spotlight
Tiny Troopers Joint OpsXbox One Game75%Spotlight
Vicious Attack Llama ApocalypseXbox One X Enhanced40%Spotlight
Way of the Passive FistXbox One Game50%Spotlight
WE ARE DOOMEDXbox One Game70%Spotlight
We Are the DwarvesXbox One Game50%Spotlight
Worms BattlegroundsXbox One Game75%Spotlight
WulverbladeXbox One Game30%Spotlight
XenoraidXbox One Game70%Spotlight
X-Morph: DefenseXbox One X Enhanced50%Spotlight
Zenith Xbox One Game60%Spotlight

*These offers are only valid for Xbox Live Gold members.
Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region.    

Xbox 360 Deals

Just Cause 2*Backward Compatible90%DWG
Red Faction: Guerilla*Games On Demand85%DWG
Frontlines: Fuel of War*Backward Compatible85%DWG
Final Exam*Arcade80%DWG
The Book of Unwritten Tales 2*Games On Demand85%DWG
Dragon Age: OriginsBackward Compatible67%Spotlight
Dragon Age 2Backward Compatible50%Spotlight
Mass EffectBackward Compatible75%Spotlight
Mass Effect 2Backward Compatible60%Spotlight
Mass Effect 3Backward Compatible60%Spotlight

*These offers are only valid for Xbox Live Gold members.
Please note: prices and availability are subject to change and may vary by region.