Tell us a little about yourselves.

Cavey formed 2 years ago after Frank Wright (Blaenavon) introduced me to Adrian (drums) at a show in Kilburn. I had a couple of songs that weren’t right for any of my current country or hard rock bands, because the songwriting was a little gentler and a little bleaker, to so I decided to form a new project. Adrian introduced me to a bunch of Jazz musicians at Guildhall and the songs I had written grew into a more cohesive sound that seemed like a good kind of different. We played a few shows as a trio, with Alex (keys) doing the bass parts with his left hand, and had great feedback and support from the crowd, so we decided to record a few tracks. We tracked them cheaply at a studio beneath Camden Roundhouse and they went on to become our first EP, Night Time. We had Josh Eggerton of Social Contract play bass for a while, but he got too busy with his band, so Adrian suggested Refa playing double bass. She had all the songs down in like 3 days and smashed the EP launch so she was definitely in! That’s still our current line-up.

How would you describe your musical style?
Alt Rock with underlying Jazz and Blues influences
You recently released an EP called “Night Time”. What can audiences expect from this EP?
The songs explore the emotional landscape of the city and its irrevocable connection with the night, through a mixture of late night jazz and glassy guitars. 
You also have a new single out called “About To Start”. Tell us a bit about that song.

I haven’t asked, but I’m sure most musicians experience a sort of double reality, one in which they are fulfilled by the joy of playing and connection with bandmates and the audience, and another in which nothing they do is ever enough to satisfy the abstract idea of success portrayed in films and the media. One is always in danger of succumbing to the latter, which can include overworking yourself, neglecting others, and feeling incomplete. About To Start is about the conflict of Love and the belief that the only way to make it is to sacrifice everything. 

What’s the experience like at one of your live shows?

I always try and get into character before we play, I want the audience to believe the person who is singing and feel a connection with everyone on stage.
What’s next for your career? Might we see a full-length album in the near future?
Exactly that, I hope.
What advice would you have for aspiring musicians?

Practicing and playing all the time is more important than a social media presence. Get your shit together before you start spreading stuff everywhere.

Do you have any funny stories from the road or the studio?

A guy asked us to play his friend’s wedding, offered us some money, so we agreed and when we got there it turned out that it was his dog’s wedding. Still fun though.

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