Tell us a bit about yourselves.
Hi! We started as a studio band, spending long hours in front of the controls and just started making weird paintings and videos to get us out of the chair. Today we’re a group of producers recording and writing with a revolving door of singers etc. 
Highland Park Collective is much more than an average band. Talk about your vision for this project and how it came to fruition.
We made a mood board for our manager and he got so mad. We then realized we had to just start creating freely. 
You have a “revolving door” of contributors to this project. How has this helped towards your goals as artists?
It’s just nice to have different voices. Different styles. Different input all the time. We want to be free and everchanging. 
What’s your creative process like?
Someone has a riff, then we make beats or scat melodies over it, then start filling in where lyrics go. 
You have a new single out called “Feel Like You Do”. What can audiences expect from this song?
I think I was nice and in love, and we wrote the song so quick. When I listened back I realized it was one one of the only songs I had written had actually felt like something. 
HPC “curates the expression of a creative lifestyle through different mediums of art”. What other mediums do you utilize?
Paint. Photo. Video. Usually slapping stuff around Instagram. We’re all ears for collabs etc. 
What’s next for HPC?
A full album. More IG posts lol. 
What advice would you give to aspiring artists?
Change it up. 
Do you have any fun stories from the studio or creative sessions?
Every day is hilarious. We’re so lucky to have such amazing personalities. 
Let the readers know where to find you online.
@highlandparkcollective on Instagram! Thank you for checking out the song!


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