Tell us a little bit about yourselves.
Mallory: I’m a Scorpio from the Rocky Mountains of Utah.
Lauren: I am originally from Massachusetts, moved to LA at 18 and to Nashville about 2.5 years ago. I’m getting married next Oct. and since we are sharing zodiac signs, I’m a Taurus haha. Together, we’re a roots/rock-Americana Duo out of Nashville, TN.
How did each of you get your start in the music industry?
Mallory: I took piano starting at six, got a guitar for Christmas when I was 13 and started writing songs seriously around then, and then started recording songs and gigging during college at theatre school in LA where I met Lauren.
Lauren: I grew up in a very musical household and took about 12 years of vocal training. I did a lot of theater and musical theater as a kid and through high school. I started taking piano lessons as a kid as well but didn’t take it seriously until I started writing my own songs just after college, where I met Mal.
What prompted you to come together and form Crimson Calamity?
We had been collaborating for awhile writing songs together and with other LA artists. We became besties in that process so it really was a natural evolution of events. We both were looking for a next step and we just happened to get a strike of inspiration while writing our first two songs “Dead Man’s Hand” and “Line Em Up and Shoot Em Down” which were the product of a songwriting challenge we were both a part of. That particular month’s theme was to write about a historical person or event. Calamity Jane was our muse. The songs lead to long conversations about branding and aesthetic and the ideas just kept coming.
How you come up with the name (which I love!)?
Since our first songs were inspired by Calamity Jane, we decided to use her as our namesake. Crimson comes from the imagery we felt inspired by… the Wild West, murder ballads, plus we are both big fans of alliteration.
How would you describe your musical style?
Mallory: I  jokingly call it Wild West Rock and Roll. Because sonically we’re really into Outlaw Country, Blues, and Rock. I think we’re Americana mostly because it is a mish-mash of a few genres. It’s continually evolving.
You have a new Christmas single out called “First Snow”. Tell us what this song is all about and what makes it special.
Lauren: When we sat down to write a Christmas song, we had this story of a loved one waiting for a soldier to come home floating around in our minds. We wanted to make it somewhat timeless and not from one particular person’s perspective because love comes in many forms and so many people can relate. There are lots jolly holiday tunes and we know that not everyone feels so happy this time of year. It can really magnify longing and loneliness, especially for those who have lost someone or who aren’t able to spend the holidays with their loved ones. This is a song is meant to capture those feelings.
Given that there are already so many Christmas songs out there, did you find it difficult to find inspiration for the song and to make it stand out from the rest?
Mallory: We definitely had pause about it. Writing a Christmas song is actually really difficult because you don’t wanna copy anything classic and you also don’t want it to be so out there that no one wants to listen to it. We had been tossing around that idea of the first snow of every winter and how it’s a bittersweet moment and then the story emerged from there.
You already have two awesome EPs under your belt including 2015’s “All In The Cards” and 2018’s “Gypsy Heart”. When are we going to see a full-length album from you two?
Lauren: We are headed into the studio early 2019. We will see how our collection of songs comes together, it may be another EP that leads to a full length.
What can audiences expect from one of your live shows?
Well, we’ve been doing a lot of acoustic touring but we really like playing full band shows. We love the energy created with 6 people on stage and how that translates to the audience. Across the board, whether an intimate acoustic set or a rockin’ full band show, you can expect a lot of harmony and storytelling.
Do you have any fun road stories you can share?
Mallory: We love to be on the road. I love driving and I feel really lucky that Lauren’s my bandmate cause she’s one of the only people I can be in a car with for long periods of time. It’s hard to think of one specific story but we’ve had a ton of fun driving all around the country listening to podcasts and experiencing local haunts. I really loved doing a Ghost Tour in Plymouth, Massachusetts and touring the High West Ranch in Utah.
Lauren: Well there was this one time we ran out of gas about 20 miles outside of Vegas in route to LA from Utah. It was June and we had to wait an hour for AAA to come. We were just about hallucinating from the heat by the time he got to us. Luckily we had a warm water in the car, it may not have cooled us off but it kept us hydrated lol.
What advice would you have for aspiring singers/songwriters?
Mallory: Write. All the time. With a lot of different kinds of people. Really hone your craft, and be ready for lots of work! Mostly don’t let anyone’s subjective opinion define your talent. Believe in yourself and make music that you’re really proud of.
Lauren: What Mal said. Calamity Jane also has a quote that says “If a girl wants to be a legend, she should just go ahead and be one” – I like that advice too.
What’s a day in your lives like outside of the studio?
We’re on the road a lot so we like to chill when we get home. We love to hang out with our significant others and our dogs, go to shows, shop, we both love film and tv, good books.
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