Tell us a little about yourselves.

We are two sisters Lia en Lena Göçer en together we are LIANA. We write and produce our own music. Besides writing and producing music, we also direct our own (music) videos.

How did you two get started in music?

We grew up with parents who always loved to play music and watch music videos, so we grew up in an environment where music was always a part of our daily routine. The best part of it is that our parents played a lot of different kinds of music. They immigrated from Turkey to The Netherlands and brought their own music and culture together with them. So we not only grew up listening to pop music for example but mostly Turkish/Armenian music, which definitely is an influence on our own music. They also always encouraged us to play several instruments. That’s why we both had music lessons from a young age and Lia even went to ballet and jazz ballet. We also both have studied ‘Pop music’ and now are studying ‘Bachelor of Music in Music Education’.

How would you describe your musical style?

This is a tough question because our music is influenced by many different styles. But if we would describe our music we would say it’s dark, oriëntal, mysterious and dreamy. Melancholic as well.

You two write and produce all your own music. Do you feel that gives you a more authentic feel in that you make all the decisions?

Definitely. We feel blessed to be able to do this together and not to worry about someone else. We can tell exactly how we feel to each other and not feel bad about it. Also, most of the time we are on the same page and when we’re not, it’s really easy for us to become one again. Writing and producing together gives us the freedom and creative power which we both want. It is also very funny that people keep asking us who is making the music for us, even when we tell them that we are writing it completely ourselves. It’s like they don’t believe it or think we won’t be able to do it with just the two of us.


Is it easier as sisters to bounce ideas off each other when you’re writing music?

Yes, we believe so, because we don’t have to say much to each other to know what we mean. It’s like talking without words. Most of the time we know what the other thinks and would or would not like. It happens intuitively. A very important key in this is also that we are each others inspiration. Without each other, we wouldn’t be able to make the music that we’re making.

Your latest single is called “Take It All”. Tell us a bit about it.

Our inspiration for our music and lyrics comes from our own emotions, memories, desires, dreams etc. Every song is personal and stands for a specific time in our life. ‘Take It All’ is a song which altered a few times, not only in lyrics, but also in music. The song first was about desire, but when the feeling became stronger, we felt the need to change the song as well. It wasn’t only about desire anymore, it was so much more. To summon the meaning of ‘Take It All’, we would say:

‘When you love someone so deeply
When you adore someone that much
That every me becomes every you’

You also released a music video for “Take It All” recently. Take us behind the meaning of the video and what went into creating it.

‘Take It All’ is an emotional song when you listen closely. Having such strong feelings towards someone, that without them you feel like there is no you. We really wanted to capture that in the story and that’s how we came up with the concept for the video. The video for ‘Take It All’ shows a passionate love story between two inseparable lovers, but when one decides to go their own way, the other feels lost without them. Literally being attached to them with every inch of you. The fear, pain and emptiness of being without this person can make you do things you never thought you would be capable of and that’s exactly what happens in this music video.

You also have some lookbooks on your YouTube channel. Tell us what those are all about.

We both have a huge passion for fashion and we knew we wanted to do something with it. Especially because when we make music, perform, do photo and video shoots we always think that the way we present ourselves is nearly as important as the music we’re making, because these two are inseparable to us. One of our outlets was to shoot our own lookbooks with our own music in it. We do want to take this to a new level by designing our own merch, which will include clothing and jewelry etc.

What’s next for your career?

At the moment we’re finishing our EP, which will be out next year. At the same time, we keep writing new music, because our inspiration is infinite. This also gives us the chance to choose between different songs for the EP. Besides writing and producing we’re always creating for LIANA, whether it be a new concept, new lookbook, new photos, it never stops. To keep yourself updated on our next move, you can follow us on our social media:

What advice would you have for aspiring singers/songwriters?

Not just for singers/songwriters, but for everyone that wants to walk a path which isn’t easy to walk on; Never let anyone or anything stop you from what your true purpose is.

What’s life like outside of music for you two?

There is not really a life outside music for us. We always find a way to connect something to our craft.


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