How would you describe your musical style?

Our music is a combination of soul, pop and jazz. The genre of music that we belong to is called Sophisti-pop.

Talk about your chemistry as a married couple and how that comes out in your music.

We are a lot alike in many ways and obviously different in others. We both have leadership qualities but have chosen to bring them into the relationship in different areas. Renee is obviously “the” front person on stage but I (Lang) tend to lead in songwriting. I tend to be more of a public speaker than she does but she has great insight about our home and things involving our family and I value them highly, so it’s a balance of strengths and natural inclinations as we’ve each chosen to let the other be the leader in different areas to get the job done, so to speak.

You have a new EP out aptly titled “3”. What can audiences expect from this EP?

There are 5 songs on it. Our music is positive, lyrically speaking and a number of people who have told us about how it hits them, used the term upbeat so audiences can expect the music to be upbeat, soulful, Sophisti-pop.

“3” has a couple different significant meanings behind it. On one hand, it’s your third EP. On the other, your son Zane has now joined the band on bass making it a trio. How has this transition been for the band and what’s it like to create music as a family?

It’s been a blast! Zane is a very talented guy on many instruments and has a unique musical “voice” all his own. We love having him on stage and we play really well together. Our feel and groove seem to line up well and he “gets” the music.

You took a bit of a different approach with “3” in that it was mostly recorded live in the studio with 3 other musicians. What prompted you to go in this direction?

There is a story behind this. We were rehearsing for an upcoming gig at our studio and as the musicians were packing up their gear, we were playing some of our new song demos. We played a song of ours called “Unshakable”, which is now on “3”. The guitar player who is quite an amazing player said he really liked the tune, but wondered if we had ever thought of laying down the tracks with all the musicians in the room playing and recording at the same time. The idea, being, to capture that live energy that happens when you play together in the same room at the same time, not as overdubs. We had talked about doing that before, and hearing it from him, was just confirmation to us. So much of the music we both grew up listening to and loving were artists and bands who went into the studio and created that “magic” on the spot.

Do you have any plans on putting out a full-length album anytime soon?

We are in the planning stages right now to go into the studio in the early part of 2019 and record another 5 or 6 songs, so yes we do. A friend of ours who sits on the Grammy board told us that they consider a 15-minute body of work a full album. In the past, we recorded albums with 9 or more songs. This was the first time we recorded an EP, so although we’re doing it kind of in 2 pieces, we still see it as an album of 10-12 songs.

What are some of the career goals that you’ve yet to attain?

That’s a loaded question! Anyone who is a musician, artist or creative person, never feels like they’ve arrived or attained their goals. We want to continue writing, recording and building our audience.  Both of us have been in music and made our living professionally for many years and yet it feels like we’ve just started. More than anything we’d really like to tour. We have toured with other artists doing shows all over the states and overseas in the past. There is nothing more exciting and fulfilling than connecting with an audience and performing a live show and the icing on the cake would be performing our own music.

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?

There are many things that could be said about this topic, but we’ll keep our answer simple. First of all, no one just arrives, it takes a deep sense of commitment, over a long period of time. Developing yourself and honing your skills as a musician, singer, or songwriter is the only way you can find your own voice. If you can stay passionate and focused in that pursuit, you will find an audience.

What’s life like for you outside of the studio?

Currently, most of our time is really spent on a marketing program that we’ve been working on since September. It’s very in depth and we haven’t been able to do much work on our music because we’re on a deadline of sorts to get our full system up and running, asap.

When I (Renee) am not working on music, it’s fairly normal. I really like to be creative with Art or work outside in the garden. I (Lang) love to practice on my drumming, so I love spending time working on stuff I want to integrate into my playing. We love to watch movies as well

Let the readers know where to find you online.

People can check out our website at, our online store,, or follow us on,,, and


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