Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hey everyone, thanks for having me. So I’m a Singer/Songwriter originally from San Jose, CA. Recently I’ve been producing and writing a lot of music, and I’m stoked about my new album coming in February. I’ve also been studying Graphic Communication (graduating in June!), so it’s been a fun journey navigating that and growing more passionate with my music. My faith is important to me, as is my family. 
How did you first get into music?
I’ve always been into music, having grown up listening to jazz and taking piano lessons. My family is very musical too (mom plays harp, dad plays guitar, sister sings, and brother plays trombone). My songwriting started when I was around 17, and my sister and I wanted to make a thoughtful gift for our mom for Christmas. My dad bought us a snowball mic, and I used Garageband to record my sister Rachel and I singing classic Christmas songs. I thought it would be fun to try and write my own song for the CD, and after that, it just came so naturally. Creative writing and music had always been my loves until that point where I figured out how to combine them.
How would you describe your musical style?
It’s hard to describe, but my best guess is Jazz/Soul-influenced Pop. I love artists like Corinne Bailey Rae and Norah Jones and grew up listening to a lot of Taylor Swift. The album “Another Side” definitely reflects my love of jazz growing up but also easy-listening pop.
How difficult is it to manage your music career with school?
It’s been difficult at times, and even as we speak I’m procrastinating on an assignment haha. I’ve always been a good student, so I find time to do well in school and thrive in Graphic Design while putting time into music. I’ve learned if you’re passionate about something you’ll make time for it, which is what I’ve been able to do with music. My professors also found out over the last few years that I play music, so they’ve been cheering me on and listening to my music which is so special to me.
How important is it to reflect your faith in your lyrics?
It’s really important for me to express my true self through my music, which includes a lot about my faith. The only reason I have the voice I do and the talents I do is because God gave me these gifts, and I’m so excited to see the path He has for me. Growing up I went to church and still stay faithful to that, so I want my music to open up that door for other people to see. Although I do sing a lot about relationships and other things, I know there are a lot more important things to think about and express with music.   
You recently released your latest singles, “Fly”. What can you tell us about this song?
This song was definitely musically inspired by one of my favorite songs, “Fly” by June Marieezy (the FKJ Remix). I’m also musically inspired by the album “Urban Flora” by Alina Baraz and Galimatas. I’m in love with all the textures that those artists and producers create, so I wanted to create a song with depth and interest. As for the lyrics, this song goes out to all the singer/songwriters out there that can imagine the potential in a dream that seems so far away. My sister is now chasing her dream as a vocal performer and studies it, and I really do want her to fly away with her passions. For this song, I wanted to write about all the times I’ve dreamed about what it would be like to whole-heartedly chase my dream of doing music, so this song is a dream for me. 
You have an album coming out in February. What can audiences expect from this set of songs?
People can definitely expect a lot of beautiful collaborations with other underground artists (my friends), a lot of Jazz/Soul-inspired pop, and just stellar quality (shoutout to John McLucas for mixing/mastering). One word to describe how it is to me is magical, but I’m a little biased 🙂
What’s next for your career?
I’m not sure, to be honest. I expect some growth as an artist and musician, and I hope to meet a lot more people to follow this journey with me. It’s exciting to not know what’s next, but I definitely want to perform and release more music. 
What advice would you have for aspiring singers/songwriters?
It’s hard to answer that because I’m also kind of an ‘aspiring singer/songwriter,’ and I definitely don’t know anything. But what I’ve learned is that the best way to improve performing is to perform at open mics all the time, and then move up to playing at donut shops, and eventually wineries and real shows. The best way to improve recording is to do it a lot in your room and share it with other people that know what they’re doing. I’m so thankful for the people that have listened to my trash and encouraged me regardless haha, I’ve come a long way. 
What’s your life like outside of music?
I actually went from high school into studying Graphic Communication, because I didn’t really know how much I’d love songwriting and producing. I’ve fallen in love with visual design while at school, and it’s actually helped me a lot with my music marketing. I’m proud to say that I designed and coded my music website, and I’ve met so many amazing people at school along the way. 
Let the readers know where to find you online.
You can find a bunch of links (YouTube, Spotify, etc.) on my website, or you can find me on Insta (@megansteinkemusic) and Facebook ( I also have an email list so feel free to hit me up about that through my website.


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