FYIG Plays BattleTanx: Global Assault Part 18-20 – Destroying The Eiffel Tower


We’re back with another 3 parts of our BattleTanx playthrough and this time we need to make it deeper into Paris to destroy a mind control transmitter at the Eiffel Tower!

Part 18 (featured): After saving some Queenlords in the last video, this time I make my way through the underground railways of Paris in an effort to make it deeper into Paris. Only to get destroyed about 75% of the way through by a stupid Inferno tank.

Part 19 (below): After going through the underground to get further into the heart of Paris, this time I must destroy a transmitter that Cassandra is using to mind control people. To do so, I must destroy the Eiffel Tower.

Part 20 (below): After freeing Les Miserables in Paris, a new gang has shown up known as the Cold Warriors. I must collect scientific data left behind by Cassandra’s researchers before the Cold Warriors can.