After a lengthy wait, we’re back with a new magazine issue and this time it’s issue #1 of the Official Sega Dreamcast Magazine (which is actually the second issue).

This issue goes in depth about the GD-Rom discs that were featured as media for the Dreamcast and the hardware inside the system. Also featured is an interview with Sonic Adventure creator Yuji Naka as well as a how-to section for the game.

Games featured in this issue include:

  • Crazy Taxi
  • Sonic Adventure
  • Marvel vs. Capcom
  • Power Stone
  • Soul Calibur
  • Flag to Flag
  • House of the Dead 2
  • Armada
  • King of Fighters: Dream Match 1999
  • Trickstyle
  • Blue Stinger
  • Tokyo Xtreme Racer
  • TNN Hardcore Heat
  • Monaco Grand Prix
  • Hydro Thunder
  • NFL 2K
  • Mortal Kombat Gold
  • NFL Blitz 2000
  • Air Force Delta
  • Ready 2 Rumble
  • Virtua Fighter 3tb
  • Sega Rally 2
  • NBA 2000
  • Resident Evil: Code Veronica
  • Castlevania Resurrection
  • Slave Zero
  • Test Drive 6
  • Shenmue
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3
  • Toy Commander
  • Sega Bass Fishing
  • Soul Fighter
  • Ecco The Dolphin: Defender of the Future
  • Metropolis Street Racer
  • Vigilante 8: Second Offense
  • Climax Landers
  • Floigan Brothers
  • Dynamite Cop


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