Release Date February 15, 2019
Genre Action, Adventure
Platforms PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Developer Ubisoft Montreal
Price $39.99 USD
ESRB Rating Mature
Players 1-2 Players

*A copy of the game was provided by Ubisoft to FYIG for review purposes.*

Following the tumultuous downfall (and psuedo-reclamation) of Hope County, Far Cry returns in New Dawn, a direct sequel to Far Cry 5 and the usurping of Joseph Seed. Set some years after 5, Hope County is again in turmoil – this time by the Highwaymen led by two twins, Mickey and Lou. While the residents try to rebuild their lives after Joseph’s bombs sent them underground for years, the Highwaymen just want to take everything for themselves, to rebuild Hope County in their image, much like… wait, this is sounding a bit familiar.

Jokes aside, Far Cry New Dawn is a traditional Far Cry experience. Dropping into an open world, liberating outposts, pillaging resources, rescuing friends, and taking out enemies to further your goal. Sometimes, when you’re not feeling the action and adventure, there are plenty of opportunities to let off some steam by hunting or fishing, boating the river, or even just exploring the beautiful post-apocalyptic landscapes that burst into color following the cataclysmic bombs. Taking place after 5New Dawn gives players a unique opportunity to view the new Hope County with some of the same familiar faces that made the previous experience memorable, while still offering a new experience that’s fun and interesting. New Dawn spares none of what fans know and love, including the hysterical, albeit sometimes raunchy, humor, and fun situations.

Photo Credit: Ubisoft
Help rebuild Prosperity with Thomas Rush

While the story of New Dawn doesn’t quite make a point to be fundamentally different than its’ predecessor, it does offer enough to distinguish itself into its own standalone contender. The Captain, your customizable character in the game, sets out to destabilize the Highwaymen and take the resources they’ve plundered to build up Prosperity, the former location of Joseph Seed’s ranch. Much like 5, players have to steal ethanol, take back kidnapped citizens, and free outposts from the Highwaymen’s grasp. Once an area has been taken back, players have the option to “Scavenge” them for more resources, or keep them as convenient points to travel and shop. Scavenging a location will give it back to the Highwaymen, then giving you another chance to take it back, though the Highwaymen will bring more firepower and make it harder for you to defeat without alarms or some trouble. This formula can be all-too-familiar at times, but the addition of scavenging offers a slightly unique challenge that can be done at your pace – it’s your choice whether or not to let the Highwaymen take back what once was theirs (and yours before that). The more Ethanol reclaimed by Prosperity, the more you can benefit from the rewards – each unlocked and upgraded section of Prosperity brings better health, better weapons, and the option to pay for resource maps to make exploring easier.

Photo Credit: Ubisoft
Capture outposts and claim resources for Prosperity

New Dawn also makes some unique changes to scavenging for resources. The land is lush with duct tape, springs, gears, and components, ripe for the taking. Each location on the map has a set number of these resources, which completionists will relish as the green “completed” checkmarks flood the map for all the resources collected. These resources will help you craft weapons, refill ammo, and even help revive your teammates when they inevitably run straight into enemy gunfire… again. The weapons in the post-apocalyptic Hope County come with some new looks – scrapped together from makeshift parts – while also adding new weapons like the Saw Launcher, which volleys saw blades that ricochet off walls, floors, enemies, animals… Pretty powerful weapon, and one of the most fun to play within the game. The familiar secret caches also make a return, with fun little puzzles that players complete for extra resources, perks, and more. As the Captain rebuilds Prosperity, there are even Expedition missions, dropping the player off-map in a new location to reclaim valuable materials before being taken back by helicopter.

Photo Credit: Ubisoft
Mickey and Lou squash problems… or so they think

As fun as the open world can be (or what you make of it), the story of Far Cry New Dawn can leave something to be desired. The whole premise of rebuilding a crumbling Hope County was well-explored, and to be honest, just the thought of having to do it again was a little tiring at the start of New Dawn. Thomas Rush comes to Hope County as a beacon of light, someone to help them rebuild and regain former glory. The Highwaymen kidnap Rush, the hopes and dreams of Hope County with him. The Captain goes through many hurdles, even going so far as trying to find Joseph Seed and the mysterious New Eden colony, to help topple the Highwaymen and once again rebuild. Each new hurdle of rebuilding Prosperity comes with dangerous defensive missions, the enemies coming in waves to try and ruin everything you’ve built, reminding the player that at times, Far Cry enemies are nothing more than bullet sponges in your way. It’s a story well-explored, but New Dawn does redeem itself with new mechanics and more lovable characters to enjoy.

Pros Cons
Fun, open world to explore Repetitive, lackluster story
Colorful landscapes Not quite enough new content
Story/Game Modes
Technical Performance
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While Far Cry New Dawn doesn't quite feel like a full-fledged game, instead a sort of glorified DLC, it has enough to keep you busy and entertained in your second foray into Hope County. Fans of slower-paced exploring will definitely enjoy the serene landscapes and play-as-you-will missions and story, while others craving adrenaline-fueled adventure might have a tougher time sticking out the slower hurdles to max out the game's true potential. Still, for anyone that's a fan of the tried-and-true Far Cry experience, New Dawn is an interesting new adventure just waiting to be explored.far-cry-new-dawn-review


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