Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Frida: I’m from Sweden, born and raised and I live in LA now with my daughter and my 2 small dogs. I love honest sarcastic people who don’t take themselves too seriously. Life is too short – laugh more. 

You and Isabel met online. How did that connection come about and what was it that stood out about the other that created this bond?

Isabel and I met on an online music site and chatted for a bit there before planning a face to face meeting. We clicked pretty much immediately when Isabel opens our dialogue with “TG you’re a girl” and a big sigh of relief. I think she had been quite anxious about meeting someone she’d originally met online and was almost sure it would be fake due to so many stories floating around and I don’t blame her. 
I liked Isabel’s melodies and she liked my lyrics so we were a good match. We started rehearsing together and the best thing of it all was that Isabel got my dry sarcastic sense of humor, not everyone does, many get offended, but not Isabel. So we became really good friends and started having a lot of fun together.

You’re also an actress recently appearing in the film Apartment 407. Are you still pursuing an acting career or is 2 Paper Dolls your main focus?

Paper Dolls is my main focus but if an acting job comes my way I won’t turn it down until I can actually make a proper living on only music.

How would you describe your musical style?

When we rehearse, it’s a lot more singer-songwriter pop-folk until I bring along my synth and Isabel whips out her 80’s beat machine then suddenly we’re electro-pop in full swing, still very melodic and a big focus on meaningful lyrics.

You recently released your debut single, “Not Alright”. Tell us a little bit about that song.

It’s about a guy who broke my heart over the phone (covered) because he suddenly realized (after several weeks) that he couldn’t go out with anymore because he couldn’t’ lie to his WIFE!!!! REALLY?? Anyway, I wrote the song in about 30 min, it all just fell into my head and then sent it to Isabel who had the same thing happen with the melody. A few rehearsals later we had our first single. I should send the guy flowers… 

Do you have plans for an EP or full-length album anytime soon?

Yes, definitely, we are working on it right now. I took a break to write this 🙂

How have your experiences been performing at places like The Viper Room and the House of Blues?

It was an amazing feeling to get to play at those places, especially now that House of Blues has closed down. That night at HoB was amazing, it was jam-packed, it was a pink ribbon event and there were 100’s of people there so the energy was buzzing (so was my stomach).

Do you plan on touring outside of Los Angeles anytime in the near future?

We would love to do that, but no plans of doing so right this minute. Maybe after our next EP release.

What advice would you have for aspiring singers/songwriters?

Keep doing it. Just keep doing it. We’ve been going at it for 5 years now and there have been many times when we just thought “what the hell are we doing, how will we ever get to record this the way we want it to sound” bla bla bla. Listen to your heart (ala Roxette) and stick to it. You are your own biggest critic – don’t be.

What are your lives like outside of the studio?

I have a 2-year-old. Do I need to say more? Oh yeah, I’m a single mom. So days when I’m not recording or writing music, I’m doing toddler music classes and dance classes with my daughter and singing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” all day long. In a way, it’s very freeing to be around such non-judgemental little beings and I’m definitely trying to adopt some of her “living in the moment” way of life. I think we all need some of that.
My mom is coming out (from Sweden) for 3 months in a few weeks so I can actually get my life back and start writing and recording again. And start having conversations with someone where a sentence is longer than one word. 
Let the readers know where to find you online.


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