Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Thank you for the interview! You get the geeky answers because I want to share my inner geek with geeks! I’m Ryan Gibeau, originally from Manchester, NH and an almost self-proclaimable New Yorker (10 years on May 28th this year). I love music, especially connecting with and sharing my emotions through song as well as delving into creativity and feelings through others’ music as well. As a career, I work with a varying degree of brands making commercials as well as working with musicians making mostly live music videos these days. I love storytelling and I love displaying raw talent on screen for people to experience. I have a radical husky pup named, Nala, who has summited more 4,000′ mountains back in NH than most people have! I love sports and *inner geek alert
* video games, specifically, Overwatch and Rocket League.

How would you describe your musical style?

I’m comfortable admitting that I don’t exactly know! So let’s explore and see if something comes up… I know I love drums and strings and big orchestral sounds (look out for horns in the future) but when I write a song, I am not intentionally thinking of its future grandness – I’m focusing on a memorable and enjoyable melody, chord progression and trying like heck to find the words to tell a meaningful, relatable and true story. Let’s call that step 1. Step 2 is working with other artists that I trust and enjoy to see where their instincts want to go in developing a bigger band sound. Step 3 is to bring my music to Clint Edwards who masterfully, and patiently works with me to develop arrangements for my songs. If anyone finds massive success from the release of my debut album ‘Quiet Fall’, I vote him! Step 4 is to break it down to what is working and what is not, mold it with the guidance of my producers, Dan Weiner, and Adam D. Strauss fix it, make it better and bring it to the studio. *tl/dr, I call it pop-symphonic-melancholy-rock. That’s the style of music I make.

How did you get your start in music? Was it something you always had a passion for?

When I was in elementary school, our choir teacher asked who wanted to sing a solo at our big show. Instead of most kids raising their hands and shouting ‘me, me, me’ a bunch of kids were yelling, ‘Ryan, Ryan, Ryan’. I might be maturing my response because I have life experience now, but at the time I truly remember thinking, ‘wow, people think I’m really good at something’ and I felt special. I felt like I should proudly embrace it. And so I did! I love singing and since that young age and realization, I have involved myself in many activities from choir to musical theatre to bands just to be immersed in music. 

What sets you apart from other music artists out there?

I believe a lot of musicians truly believe their passion makes them different from most people. We go down this hard road without any financial promises of return, without any promise of success, fans, secure career…so our passion for music sets us apart from a lot of people in that we do it regardless. With that said, everyone’s passion and expression is so unique that, though passion is a popular word, its still representative of what makes me different from other music artists. The way my passion comes through in my performance and stage presence sets me apart from other musicians. On a more sonic level, when listening back to my songs, my followers talk about how its different from most of what they’ve heard and when I compare, I feel there’s a uniqueness in my style too. Possibly my music theatre background, indie/alt/classic rock upbringing with a passion for traditional storytelling – in there lies a style that is my own.

You just released your debut album “Quiet Fall” in December. What was that experience like and what can audiences expect from it?

I am not a young 20’s hopeful up and comer type – so the release for me was a scary feeling. I wondered if people would criticize, I wondered if they’d tell me to grow up, I wondered if they’d take me seriously. After putting years of money, dedication and collaboration into my debut album, fear was a big obstacle to overcome in finishing and releasing ‘Quiet Fall’… but I found that it was all in my head. Once I released my music I received an outpouring of support and well wishes and excitement! The experiences people are having with the album have been eye-opening and rewarding. Different tracks are connecting with different people and its opening up dialogue with artists, fans, friends and family, that I’ve never experienced before. Audiences should try to find a mindful place for 32 minutes and listen all the way through listening for the messages and story. This album focuses on who we are in a relationship and what we owe to ourselves to change and protect in order to grow – something I believe we can all relate to. 

You’ve recently released your latest single “Flying Away”, What can you tell us about this song?

I am asked this question a lot and it always surprises me to relive the story and believe its true. 

Before ‘Flying Away’ I had wanted to write my own music but never really put anything completely together. Cut to: My big move. I was leaving ‘her’ and moving to another city to start fresh. As I was flying away the emotions were strong and this story started to develop. I was stuck in a middle seat, with neither a guitar nor a recording device and for some reason, this song was pouring out of me like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Lyrics/story written down, melody in my head. Now I’m so excited yet freaking out because I’m afraid I’ll lose it all in the bustle of landing, traveling to my friend’s apartment, finding a guitar and recording this unstoppable flow! For the sake of the story, I’ll admit right here, I was so new at writing music I had no clue what chord progression would work with my melody…so I just imagined which chords might be accurate, noted them above the lyrics where the changes would be and hoped that when I got to a guitar something might kind of work. Turns out, the whole thing worked. I was in awe! Next, when I played it for my friend, Ari, it was the first time I realized there was power in my writing because he didn’t like the song because of me or my meaning, he was emotional because he had just left family when he flew away as well – the song had meaning outside of myself and I knew I wanted to keep writing music.

With your debut album under your belt, what’s next for your career?

Releasing ‘Quiet Fall’ was the hardest creative and personal challenge I have ever experienced. I loved it, I hated it and went through so many emotions I thought I’d never try anything like this again. As soon as I released the album I was overcome with a strong sense of pride and accomplishment that I knew it was only a matter of time until I’m back in the studio recording new music! So, that is most definitely next in my career. Additionally, I received so much help and guidance from my producers and side players and arranger, that I realized I want to be one of those people who pass the torch, mentor and help other artists actualize their goals to release music, so I would also like to progress in that area as well.

What advice would you have for aspiring singers/songwriters?

Make music. Play music. Release music. Also, release your music…and when you have music to release, release it. 

Aspiring singer/songwriters:
When you work hard on a song and get it to a point that it is good, you know you worked hard, its the best you can do right now…release it! It will never be perfect. Where’s the question in this interview asking me to point out imperfections in myself and music, cause I’ll fill a page. However, you can find ‘Quiet Fall’ everywhere because I released it. There is not enough room in your head to worry about perfection when there’s new music trying to be born. You’ll never run out of creativity, you’ll never stop getting closer to your maximum potential…as long as you work hard, release it, learn from it and repeat. Otherwise, you will end up saying, ‘I almost made a song / a record / a career’, and you don’t want to say that. You would rather say, ‘that song you’re listening to that I released, I made that! And then released it’. Good for you for being that person.

What’s your life like outside of the studio?

My film work keeps me busy in the city and I work with really fun established and emerging companies. I have a lot of hobbies, especially those involving the outdoors. I love to backpack in nature and live for days at a time in the wilderness with nothing other than a friend, a dog, the food and water in our packs, a tent and a campfire. I also snowboard, rock climb, video game, and keep my eyes open for unknown fun this city has to offer.

Let the readers know where to find you online.

The best places to find me and stay up to date on video/song releases and show dates are IG: @ryangibeau and I also encourage you to interact with me, because the reason I release music is to find you who enjoy it and share stories and talents with. Thank you for listening and joining this journey of making and releasing music 😉


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