Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hi! My name is Veronika Slowikowska and I am an actress/improviser/comedian based in Toronto, Canada 
You had your sights on performing from the age of three. What do you remember from those early days? 
I remember being super shy. I didn’t talk to kids at school, also I didn’t speak English so that didn’t help. But when I would get home I would put on a Spice Girls VHS and sing my little heart out. 
What did you learn from your time at Randolph College for the Performing Arts and Second City Conservatory?
I owe Randolph Academy and Second City everything I know. Randolph taught me how to act, endurance and pointed me in the direction of on-screen acting. Second City taught me how to write and consistency. 
How did it feel to be nominated for the Tim Sims Encouragement Fund?
It was awesome! It felt great to be acknowledged. Also, a little nudge that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, which I needed. 
Tell us a little bit about your character Shanice in the upcoming comedy/horror series “What We Do In The Shadows”. How has your experience been on the show?
First of all, I’m a huge fan of the movie so already I was geeking out just to audition. It was truly a dream come true and I had a great time working with the pros. 
You’re also a part of Bad Dog Theatre’s Featured Players. Which do you prefer: scripted performances or improv performances? 
I love a good script but I also love throwing it away if it feels good. Scripts are fantastic but feeling free to do whatever is also great! 
Talk to us a bit about your upcoming web-series “A Boy’s Memoir”. 
A Boy’s Memoir is about three drama nerds who will stop at nothing to put on the performance of their dreams after their high school play gets canceled. It’s a silly, coming of age, underdog story. My two best friends and I (all females) play overly confident young men. It’s sort of a thank you to the boys we grew up with who taught us what being yourself really means. We also just released a teaser on Facebook/YouTube under A Boy’s Memoir. Check it out! 
You’ll be performing at the 2019 Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival with your troupe My Chemical Bromance. What does your troupe bring to this festival? 
Our sketch troupe My Chemical Bromance and web series A Boy’s Memoir go hand in hand. The boys perform live as an “improv” troupe (everything is planned). We sing, dance, mime smoke cigars, put on terrible Brooklyn accents and sword fight. It’s a whole experience that’ll have you on your feet singing our songs with us. 
What’s next for your still-young career?
I’m currently a part of Bad Dog Theatre’s Featured Players, an improv theatre here in Toronto! We put on shows every Saturday at 7:00 pm so come check that out! I hope to continue doing what I’m doing and creating more stuff! It’s been an incredible year. 
What advice would you have for aspiring actors/actresses? 
Work HARD, write your own stuff, almost always say yes, be nice and just do it! 
What’s your life like off-set? 
Off set, I watch movies/TV/and YouTube videos. I hang out with friends and family! I make homemade granola! I ride the subway! Life’s great! 
Let the readers know where to find you online
Follow me on instagram @veronika_iscool


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