Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a Dallas-born, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter/actor who also loves math, being
outdoors, and the occasional reality show.

You began acting at only 5 years old and left for Los Angeles at the age of 12. Is it
safe to say an entertainment career was always in your future?

I think that’s pretty safe to say! I’ve always been drawn to entertaining as a whole and had
a lot of experience in and around the industry growing up. I’ve wanted to grow an
entertainment-related career for as long as I can remember.

What did you learn from your appearances on the Disney Channel?

I was young, and at that time it gave me a great opportunity to practice more technical
skills (like quickly deciphering who to take final direction from on a tv set versus a feature
set, etc). The main takeaway I attribute to that experience, though, was how to make new
friends when you enter a situation where everyone else has known each other for a long
time. Learning how to gracefully walk through a space when you’re not the majority is a
very important skill for me to have learned, and that’s something that applies across a
broad range of situations.

You earned your Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance, with an emphasis in Commercial Real Estate. How important was it to get a degree to fall back on?

I had always had a goal to get my Bachelor degree, and it’s something I’m very proud of. I
actually use my degree to this day, too- I work on a commission basis in Commercial Real
Estate Valuation, which helps me to be able to get in the studio as much as I can and
indirectly supports the passions that I have. I’m extremely thankful for that opportunity!
There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to go about creating art or working in the entertainment
industry, but I’m thankful for the path I’m on because it’s the right one for me.

You recently released your debut single called, “Few Words”. What can you tell us
about that song?

The lyrics reflect the thoughts in my own head before solidifying a decision with my SO
before a move. The lyrics address whether loving someone in the best way means holding
on or letting go for growth, hoping it’s not a forever-goodbye. That’s the crux of the song:
what’s the right decision- do you let go, or hold on tighter? The lyrics eventually end with
this back-and-forth process; searching for the consistency of this person and connection,
and at the end of the day knowing you’re going to stay on their team no matter what that
looks like along the way. I’ve learned there’s no real “right” or “wrong” way to go about it,
as long as there is respect, understanding and selfless love.


On a different note, it’s honestly just a lot of fun to sing because the vocal melody varies
throughout the song and lets me cover a range, from the richness of my lower register to
bright falsetto- there’s a lot of room to “play,” and as a lyricist/vocalist that’s always so
much fun!

How would you describe your musical style?

In terms of genre, I’d classify it somewhere between Pop, Contemporary R&B and Soul.
Broadly speaking I gravitate toward moody baselines coupled with more ethereal/floaty

How has your acting career prepared you for your music career?

Music, as it’s used in film, has always been inspiring and really intriguing to me. I would
absolutely love to gain television or film placement for a song of mine. Also, when I’m
doing character work for a certain script or scene, it’s sometimes fun (and also really helpful) to write lyrics from the perspective of my character. There are many elements that go hand-in-hand, from my experience.

Is an EP on the way? If so, what can audiences expect from it?

Yes! I’m very excited to spend consistent time in the studio over the summer; my goal is
for a release this fall. There are a few songs already in the works that I’m especially excited
about, but I’ll wait until the project is more cohesive to share in detail!

You’ve worked with the Texas Rangers and you’re a part of the Los Angeles Clippers Hoop Troop. What has drawn you to working with sports franchises?

I honestly just LOVE sports! I played soccer and ran cross country and track for many
years, and my brother and others close to me have historically been extremely involved
with various teams in different sports-spaces as well. I worked through college and one job
I had was with our athletics department, which in part led to working with the Rangers,
which in part led to working with the Clippers! I hope to continue working with the Clippers
for a long time.

What’s next for your career? Do you plan on continuing as both an actress and a

Yes! I’m continuing to write with and for other artists, am working on new music for
releases later this year, and am auditioning and working on small film projects in the
meantime. I’m not quite my “whole” self without both music and acting, so I’m excited to
continue doing what I love and seeing where I go along the way!

What advice would you give to aspiring actors/singers/songwriters?

Write a little every day. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but write every day and you will without
a doubt get better; more fluid; develop your writing voice. Same goes with singing.
Consistent vocal warm-ups can be very underestimated. Even if you can’t “vocalize” every
day, fitting proper warm-ups into your schedule 3 or 4 times a week for 15 minutes or more(whatever you can do), is better than going for long periods of on-and-off practice.

For actors, get into an acting class. Sometimes that can’t be budgeted (most of us have been there at various points), but you can’t let that stop you. Find your favorite shows, films, etc, and type up scenes from them to practice; write your own scenes; do monologues in the mirror; film yourself and ask friends to read with you, too! There’s always a way to practice. Most importantly, though: do it because you truly just love writing and singing and acting. Have goals and dreams and go for them, but my advice is to never let “fame” or surface “notoriety” be your center because that will most likely end up feeling hollow. Take time to figure out who you are first, stick to that, and do it because it’s fulfilling. You’ll do amazing things!

What’s your life like outside of the entertainment industry?

I spend as much time with my family and close friends as I can; those relationships are the top priority to me. I also spend as much time outdoors as possible- beach, mountains; running, hiking- you name it, I’m there! Other than that I love to travel when I can and am almost always listening to stand-up comedy (when it’s not music, of course).

Let the readers know where to find you online.

I’m most active on Instagram (@elise_kristiane). I can also be found at,
on Facebook as “Music By Elise”, and on iMDB as “Elise Howard”!


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