Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a 19-year-old Canadian YouTube superstar. I have an undying love for chocolate and puppies are my weakness. On a good day, you can find me at the mall shopping or hanging with my kitty. 

At what point did you decide that you wanted to start making videos?
It was kind of a weird story actually. I’ve always wanted to be a YouTuber, but I never really got around to it until September. It was only when a third-party reached out to me with the idea did I decide to make YouTube my passion. 
You started out with a YouTube channel managed by a third-party, but have since moved on to form your own channel. How has that freedom to create your content your way helped grow your brand?
I love it so much, I feel like I can really connect with my fans on a whole new level that they didn’t allow me to pursue. My favourite parts about YouTube and having my own channel are seeing my audience’s response and being able to engage with those who support me.
What prompted you to start making try-on videos and were you surprised at how successful they’ve become?
It was the third-party who pushed me into it, and the response took me by complete shock. I absolutely love the engagement and response I receive, which is why I’m so happy to have control over my channel. 
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In a few short months, your channel is almost at 100K subscribers. That’s nothing short of incredible. Did you ever expect to have that amount of success in such a short period of time?
It’s kinda funny, I’m well over 100K subscribers now actually. It’s crazy how much my channel has grown over the last 3 months, it’s so surreal to me that I made it to this point. 
What’s next for you? Any new video series in the works?
I’m currently working on vlogs to show my audience what a day in the life of me looks like. I’m hoping one day to have my own TV show. But hey, a girl can dream, right?
You have a premium subscription on your website. What do subscribers get if they sign up?
Upon signing up to my website, subscribers get exclusive access to behind the scenes content from shoots, never before seen photos of me, and collections of my best photo sets.
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How do you block out the negativity that you sometimes receive from being in the public eye?
Any YouTube influencer is bound to receive negative comments. Personally, I’ve learned to build up a wall of resistance against the hate because I realize that the positive comments outweigh the negativity that I sometimes receive.  
What advice would you have for aspiring YouTubers/content creators?
To all the new YouTubers and those who want to get started, I say go for it! As you can see, it is a very achievable dream with high rewards, and for me has been the best few months of my life. Turn your dreams into a living reality, and don’t stop until you’re at the top. 
What’s your life like outside of making videos?
Outside of making videos, I’m a pretty average girl. I enjoy Costco, the farmers market, the club. I have a pretty average lifestyle! I’m also currently working on my real estate license, and I can’t wait to see what that has in store for me. 
Tell us 3 random little-known facts about yourself.
My favourite ice cream flavour is birthday cake, I danced competitively for 9 years, and my favourite make of car is Volkswagen.
Let the readers know where to find you online.
I actually have quite a few social media channels! I have two Instagrams.
These are my main social media platforms!



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