The next four parts of our Mass Effect playthrough are here and this time we’re restarting the reactor and locating Matriarch Benezia!

Part 11: After gaining clearance to the garage last time, this time I spend a bit of time exploring before actually going to the garage, only to be ambushed. After clearing that out, I set off to Peak 15.

Part 12: After making the trek to Peak 15 in the last video, this time we have arrived to discover the installation in a bit of a state of disrepair. So after restarting the Virtual Intelligence user interface, I learn the main reactor is offline, the communication relays are down, and the passenger tram is offline. First up, repairing the reactor.

Part 13: Having fixed the reactor in the last video, I fix the communications and tram system in this one and head off to Rift Station and eventually enter the hot labs.

Part 14: With the Hot Labs cleared out, the search begins to find Matriarch Benezia. Once she is found, we learn she isn’t entirely acting of her own accord.


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