Good news for fans of actual quality content coming out of Marvel!

In a surprising move, Marvel and Disney have welcomed back James Gunn, one of their greatest directors, back into the fold.

Gunn was the writer and director that brought the first two Guardians movies to life; primarily known for off-beat humor and his stylistic way of going about things. His addition to the team of directors truly made for a varied experience that was different from other formulaic offerings from the studio.

Disney and Marvel had fired Gunn off of the project in July of 2018 over some social media  Brouhaha from Gunn’s past. Gunn since has been very vocal about his irritation towards the exchange, while the cast offered their support and thanks to him.

But appears that Dinsey is deciding to let bygones be bygones in a recent move to bring Gunn back into the development of the love-child he helped create.

Good news for moviegoers everywhere!

Do you think this the right move for Disney to take or should they be fearing an uproar?

I personally think the excitement for such a creator outweighs the drama.

Let me know what you think below.


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