A prehistoric RTS with dinosaurs and mythical creatures? Sounds like a great concept! Find out what we thought in our Warparty Review!

Release Date March 28, 2019
Genre RTS
Platforms PC/Mac/Switch/PS4/XBO
Developer Warcave/Crazy Monkey Studios
Price $24.99
Players 1-4 Players


*A copy of this game was provided to FYIG by the publisher for review purposes*

The Real-Time Strategy genre used to be one of the most populated genres in PC gaming with tons of titles coming out seemingly weekly at one point. This has slowed considerably in the last decade or so as studios focus more on shooters and other more profitable genres of games. I personally miss games like Age of Empires and I wish more developers would make similar games to that. That’s why I was interested to see what Warcave and Crazy Monkey Studios came up with in Warparty. I mean, dinosaurs in an RTS! What could go wrong?

War Party Review

There was once a powerful civilization of people who used magic and technology to rule the land. A lot of time has passed since that civilization roamed the land and dinosaurs and wild beasts have returned. Many tribes have emerged and must use the tools at their disposal, as well as harnessing the powers from that defunct civilization, out of the ruins of their societies. Each tribe has to fight each other for the limited resources in the world and even tame dinosaurs and beasts to gain the upper-hand and rule the land. The story is pretty simple and easy to follow and the addition of all the wild beasts and dinosaurs make it stand out from most of the other RTS games out there. There’s even a Wiki that tells you a bit more about the tribes, powers, upgrades, and buildings which I thought was a nice touch.

Warparty plays like a traditional RTS with you leading your faction to a settlement and trying to upgrade it, gather resources, and defend it from enemy attacks. The big difference here is that you can tame some dinosaurs to work with your faction and take out the others. Triceratops ram enemies, archers ride speedy Sabertooths, and T-Rexs take out everyone in sight with bites and tail whips. It’s a fun addition that really adds a new dynamic to a tried and true formula. The other difference is the addition of power that you gain from shrines. You can build a smaller version of these shrines or go capture the main version, but expect some resistance. If you gain enough power, you can use abilities like a meteor shower and other things that will help you defend your faction or take out a bunch of enemies at once. It’s kind of like a special move.

War Party Review
The detailed Wiki page.

The buildings that you can build in the game are pretty standard. You have farms for food in addition to berries that are located throughout the map as well as crystals that are required to build other buildings and create new units. You can even use a trade post to have a Stegosaurus gain crystals for you which was a pretty clever thing in my opinion. Your settlement building can store these items or you can build storage huts near these resources to collect them more quickly. Outside of that, you have barracks for your warriors and archers, huts for your upgrades, medics, and dinosaurs, houses to add more units, the trade post to trade resources, and a mini-shrine which I’ll go into later. I will say that the buildings and units are pretty basic and there isn’t a huge variety of them so after you play for a couple of hours, it can get pretty monotonous.

The gameplay itself is pretty easy to pick up and play. You simply drag your mouse over the units you want to control and click right to send them wherever you want and left click to attack. Only villagers can do things like collecting resources and repairing buildings so it’s good to have a lot of those around to rapidly increase your militia and repair any buildings that get attacked in short order. I did find it kind of annoying at times as I’d tell my units to go do something and the wouldn’t respond, get stuck, or part of the unit wouldn’t move at all. This happened quite a few times and I’m not really sure why, but it definitely screwed up my strategies more than once.

War Party Review
So. Many. Dinos.

There are 3 factions in the game that have distinct personalities. The Wildlanders have a decreased cost of villagers by 10% and an increase in their building speed by the same amount. They’re the warriors of the game. Dinosaurs do not need to be defeated to capture shrines and are not aggressive towards The Vithara and they use power for various upgrades, units, and buildings. They’re more of the power-based faction. Necromas have a zombie spawn near their leader when one of his units kills an enemy. They’re more of a combination of the other two factions. Each faction has slightly different buildings that look completely different cosmetically but function largely the same. They do, however, have some different upgrades and powers that make each faction fun to try out.

The settings are pretty basic from anyone’s point of view. There are desert-like areas, jungle areas, winter areas, etc. It’s largely just a pallet swap along with a few changes in the marginal amount of scenery. You’ll have crystals and food and some dinosaurs here and there as well as the settlements for factions, but the worlds feels very empty and desolate. I guess that’s what they were going for with a prehistoric kind of feel, but it just feels very incomplete to me.

War Party Review
A picture of the shrine.

The game does include a brief tutorial to get you up to speed on the game’s controls and it continues to hold your hand a little bit during the campaign. You never feel like you’re completely out of the loop. There are specific goals to complete during the campaign with anything from taming a T-Rex to defeating a rival faction. It’s a good little campaign that varies a bit between factions so you have a little bit of replay value if you want to use a different one later on. There is also an AI Skirmish Mode against rival factions and a Survival Mode which is a cool addition where you’re fighting to last as long as you can. The multiplayer options allow for up to 4 players on dedicated servers which was a plus. There are also options to have a custom match and spectate to figure out new types of strategies. I didn’t spend much time in multiplayer because I didn’t find many games going on, but this was still before the full release and I imagine that will pick up.

Pros Cons
Dinosaurs Very repetitive
Slightly different campaigns per faction Movement issues
  Empty environments
Story/Game Modes
Technical Performance
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Warparty is a decent RTS that does a few things to differentiate itself from the competition while still retaining a familiar formula. I did have some annoying issues with unit movement at times and I felt there wasn't a lot of value beyond the main campaign despite having a few different game modes. Your enjoyment of this game will be based solely on whether you can get past the repetitive nature of the game and whether you care to play multiplayer or not. But still, it's an RTS with dinosaurs and that itself is pretty cool!warparty-review


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