Tell us a little bit about yourself. 
I am an actor and singer. I am very active. I love to read and sing and play my guitar and ukelele. I enjoy being with my friends and just having fun and making memories. 
How did you get into acting? 
I got into acting four years ago when my mom suggested I should consider it. Mostly to boost my confidence as I was quite shy before I started acting but I always knew I wanted a career in it. 
What did you learn from your appearances on “The Big Fun Crafty Show” and “Snapshots” that has helped you in your career? 
These two shows were so important as they were basically the first on-camera performances I had and they ultimately taught me how to interact with a cast and crew. The crew helped me so much as they were so supportive and encouraging which basically helped me to not fear the attention and the camera! 
You’ve been cast as Raign Westbrook in “Detention Adventure”. What can you tell us about the show and your character? 
Detention Adventure is a new tween series that follows four kids that are trying to find a hidden lab beneath their school! It is full of adventure, laughing, crying and eventual teamwork. My character Raign is a determined, outspoken and a sometimes snappy young girl who is the leader of the pack. Make sure you check it out on CBC Gem this Spring!
You’re also set to star in the biopic “The Clark Sisters: The First Ladies of Gospel” as Young Dorinda What drew you to this role? 
Honestly, when I read who was directing and producing the film, and the fact that it was about the Clark Sisters, I fell in love and just wanted the role so badly. 
How do you balance your acting life with school? 
That’s a really good question. I’m not gonna lie, at times it can be difficult to keep up with school I just have to work hard! My passion is acting and singing so if I want to keep it up I have to keep my grades up! 
Which actors/actresses are you inspired by? 
Sylvester Stallone has inspired me. I love all the Rocky films and the fact that he wrote and starred in the films is amazing in itself! Ben Platt, has to be my biggest inspiration at the moment. I love Dear Evan Hansen and his voice is angelic! 
What advice would you have for aspiring actors/actresses? 
I know this is such a cliche statement but it is SO true, you are going to hear a lot of no’s before you hear a YES! But all those No’s are going to just prepare you. So when you are blessed with that YES, it makes you stronger and makes you work harder! 
What’s your life like off-set?
My life is pretty normal. I go to school, come back home, play my guitar and sing – all the time, and play a lot of sports. When I hang out with my friends we are usually having fun out on my trampoline or picking apart harmonies of different songs. 
You are a part of the Jamaican Canadian Association’s community day painting project. How important is it for you to give back? 
It is so important for me to give back simply because I get to help others out! This is an important life lesson that we all need to make time to do more of. 
Let the readers know where to find you online. 
You can find me on my Instagram account which is: SimoneMCG or on my IMDB account at Simone Miller


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