Tell us a little bit about yourselves.

Hey! This is Calen from CIVILIANA. We are an alternative rock band out of Vancouver, we just recently released our new single, “Carry a Light” along with an accompanying music video.

We are a 4 piece band that consists of Adam Wilson (Lead Guitar, Vocals) Spencer Daley (Bass Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer) Dan Ponich (Guitar, Synthesizer, Piano and Percussion) and myself, Calen Trentini (Lead Vocals and Drums).

How did you all get your start in music?/How did you meet and decide to start CIVILIANA?

All 4 of us grew up in Kelowna in the interior of British Columbia.

Spencer and I both decided to join Band class in Grade 7 since we had been obsessed with music from a young age. He chose the bass guitar and I chose the drums. We literally learned our instruments side by side and have been playing together since day 1. We honed our craft by covering Death From Above 1979 songs and this is really where I learned that drummer-singers were a possibility (Sorry, Phil Collins! I didn’t learn about you until a few years later!).

We didn’t really have any plans to change from being a drum and bass guitar duo until around grade 10 when a friend of ours told us about this amazing guitar player and songwriter from a neighbouring high school not too far from ours. We ended up meeting this kid who was a couple of years older than us named Adam Wilson and we were instantly entranced by his modern guitar playing and songwriting ability. It was an instant fit and thus a new band was created. We played a few gigs together through the rest of high school and learned what it meant to collaborate together as three individuals in a band.

After high school, we each went our own separate ways but years later in 2015, we all ended up living around Vancouver and ultimately reconnected. The pre-existing musical chemistry was instant and we created a new group called CIVILIANA.

We wrote 3 songs within weeks and connected with an old friend from high school named Daniel Ponich who had opened up his own recording studio in Vancouver called Park Sound Studios. Dan produced our first EP titled Out the Window. This collaboration was serendipitous because Dan later joined the band – providing guitar, keys, and percussion elements to help us move forward and explore new sounds.

How would you describe your musical style?

It is rock at its core. We also incorporate a lot of electronic aspects into it with synthesizers, Ableton, drum-pads etc. to give it a modern feel and an energized sound. We strive to combine a high energy-hard rock foundation with modern-electronic undertones.

What stands out about CIVILIANA from other bands?

We believe that we can deliver the emotional and raw aspects of rock while also utilizing clean electronic sounds to add some modern definition. We are constantly evolving and finding new ways to excite ourselves musically and create original sounds we haven’t heard anywhere else.

You’re latest single is called, “Carry a Light”. What can you tell us about the song and the video behind it?

“Carry a Light” is the first of 3 singles to be released this year. It was recorded at Echoplant Recording Studios and co-produced by Matt Di Pomponio and Ryan Worsley. This song dives into what happens after a difficult separation and the feelings of regret and uncertainty that come when you want to move on, but can’t quite let go.

The video was created by Radio Dial Film and director Kaio Kathriner. We wanted a fast-paced video that properly represented our energy and tone while giving the audience an opportunity to get to know the band. Radio Dial did an awesome job at capturing both the band and the essence of the song. 

Do you have any plans for a new EP or full-length album?

We are set to drop two more singles before the end of summer in 2019 titled “Void” and “Melt”. We are currently writing songs and exploring the creation of a full-length album to be released in 2020.

What the experience like at your live shows? Do you have any coming up?

We’ve always said we are not just dedicated to making good music, but also to deliver a great performance. We really strive to give the audience an experience they’ve never seen before at a live concert. We flip the conventional stage set-up upside down by putting the drum kit and vocals right in front of the audience. Each show we try to give something a little different. You really just have to come see it to get it!

What advice would you have for aspiring musicians?

This really applies to any industry but I’ve found it especially true with music: Surround yourself (both personally and professionally) with passionate, talented and motivated people and always be listening and learning.

What are your lives like outside of music?

When we’re not hanging out, rehearsing, writing, performing or recording as a band, we all have our own personal hobbies.

Dan produces a wide array of music at his studio in North Vancouver. Adam and Spencer can almost always be found at local shows around the city (including those at Dan’s Studio “Park Sound Studios Presents:”). For myself, I split my time following the Vancouver Canucks (it’s been tough) and supporting our local music scene.

Let the readers know where to find you online.

Thanks for having us! You can find us on all major digital streaming platforms as well as the following social links:







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