Tell us a little bit about yourselves.

We’re a couple of lucky guys that love music and have ben granted to opportunity to share ours with people willing to listen. We also watch a lot of HBO and try to go to boys brunch when we can.

How did you all get your start in music?

We’ve been performing forever. Each of us has been in bands since junior high and high school (fun fact: Colin played Jesus in “Jesus Christ Superstar”). We have the good fortune of being bad enough at sports that we needed to find something else to be decent at.
How did the band get together? We started in college (Loyola Marymount) in the Recording Arts program. Chris was working on his senior thesis and recorded my (Peter’s) music. Colin was my drummer at the time and Matt was Chris’s. We eventually put the thing together – a true supergroup for no one. That balance has really played out and now Chris and I each provide our own songs for the project and share lead, while Colin and Matt have worked out a super interesting balance in the rhythm section. It’s pretty fun to watch.

What have you learned since your debut EP, “Vignettes”?

Wow. I could answer this question forever. We truly didn’t know anything when we put that out. That record was very much a “college” release. I was writing about girls from school and related experiences…that’s about it. We’ve learned how to write together, music releases, production techniques, art direction, creative democracies, all sorts of stuff. The biggest difference was that music at the time of that release was more of a fun world to entire for us at the time. Since then, we’ve learned to make our lives revolve around this band and our love for it. It really has seemed to make a difference for people and that’s an honor. Perhaps the thing that has remained the same is that we have never stopped writing about our experiences. Things that people can relate to seem to bond us the most with our listeners.

The latest song off this EP is called, “Cruel Lovers” What can you tell us about this song?

It’s just a fun one to play. It has a classic 90’s feel to it. A lot of garage influence and it’s seemingly connecting with people. We love juxtaposing tone. The turmoil in the lyrics is apparent but the song is so fun to play that it creates a vivid tension. I also own up to some bad habits in this track like admitting “I want you in my back corner pocket”. It’s a possessive attitude but it’s all self-aware…

Do you have any plans for a full-length album?

We’ve been pretty focused on this release and have yet to have the big “what’s next” talk. We really love the idea of conceiving a series of songs together so I don’t think that question can be answered until we write a few more songs and see how they play off of each other. It’s always in the back of our minds though. Hopefully, audiences are still willing to consume records in their entirety though. I would hate to see hidden gems fall by the wayside due to a lack of attention span…sooooo potentially!

What’s the experience like at your live shows? Do you have any coming up?

We have a very dynamic show. We give all the energy we’ve got, but we make sure to create intimacy when needed. We tell jokes, we kiss on stage and we interact with the audience as if it were a living room with only our friends, no matter how big the venue is. We have a California run of shows coming up (SF 4/12, SLO 4/19, SD 4/20, LA 5/13) that we will announce shortly, with more info on our website!

What advice would you have for aspiring musicians?

Find out if this is your passion as quickly as possible. That way you can fully devote yourself to it. If it’s just a hobby that’s cool too. But if this is going to be your life then go find the people you trust and start building that bond, forming your music tastes together and enjoy it.

What are your lives like outside of music?

We live together in a little apartment in Los Feliz. Most of us are in committed relationships with ladies who are all friends. We’re buds and we actually hang often. We all have family in Southern California and we go to shows whether they’re music, standup comedy or films kind of a lot. We’re lucky fellas.

Let the readers know where to find you online.

Everywhere you find music! Spotify, Apple Music, twitter,, Instagram, Facebook, Bing search, etc.


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