Tell us a little bit about yourselves.

We’re Jordan Coaker and Kirsten Rodden-Clarke from Conception Bay South (real town name haha) in Newfoundland. Together we make up the folk duo Quote the Raven. We’ve released two albums since we decided to take our music careers seriously an EP called Misty Mountains in 2016 and a full length titled Golden Hour in the summer of 2018.

How did you get your start in music?

J: I started playing guitar and singing in my last year of high school after being coaxed into taking a theatre arts course. Originally I wanted to be a professional wrestler (WWE style) or a psychologist. Two completely different things until I realized the bridge between the power of expression and the theatrics of wrestling. After I graduated I started taking voice lessons and the rest is history!

K: I was always trying to entertain people when I was young, I used to do lip sync shows for everyone on my street. Somewhere in high school I lost my confidence and stopped performing until I started taking piano lessons. My teacher had this inclination that I would be a good singer and everything kind of took off from there. Jordan has already been performing solo and I decided to join him.

How did you two come together to form “Quote The Raven”?

We met in a local choir around 2010. There was about 7 of us in the choir and we were the two youngest in the group. For one of the recitals, we sang a duet together and everyone in the choir kept telling us how nicely our voices sounded together. So we decided to form a band!

How would you describe your musical style?

It’s more difficult to decide what genre to put most music nowadays. Everything is a bit of a mixture, and we really love that!  We can be who we are without focusing on constricting to fit a mold. We usually tell people it’s folk/pop because we love to implement catchy hooks into the storytelling. Above all, our music is definitely driven by harmonies and has always been made with a focus on how we gel together. 

You recently released your album “Golden Hour”. What can audiences expect from this set of songs

“Golden Hour” starts very hopeful but will evoke many different emotions depending on the song. When writing alone we often fall into writing about heartbreak or the longing of returned love which is still very present in this album, but because we co-wrote this album with many talented writers, it opened us up to writing about a variety of different feelings and stories. We hope the audience takes a bit of a journey with us and that they can find a song that resonates with them.

The title track was written by candlelight during a power outage. Does that make the song particularly special to you both?

Absolutely! We were a little concerned because we only had 4 days to write new material for the album. Thankfully some of the writers braved the storm so we lit some candles, drank wine and wrote. It was the first song that was written and it set the tone for the rest of the week. It ended up being the title track and one of the singles. It was just one of those “meant to be” songs.  

You’re in the middle of a Canadian tour right now.  What’s the experience like at one of your live shows?

There’s a huge contrast between the sometimes seriousness of our music and who we are personally. We joke around and torment each other constantly while on stage. We try not to take ourselves too seriously. Hopefully, the audiences get to see that sillier side of us and appreciate us as people as much as artists.

What’s next for Quote The Raven?

Touring has been such a treat over the past year. We really want to continue going to new places and meeting new people. It is always a goal of ours! We’ve recently started writing some new music, so we’ll hopefully be back in the studio soon as well!

What advice would you have for aspiring musicians?

Never give up!! We know it’s cliche, but some of the most talented artists we know in Newfoundland have given up before they really give it a chance. We believe they could have done it, but it’s so hard when there are many risks and no guarantees. You have to really want it. You have to be willing to put so much on hold to chase it. Just keep going and you’ll find people who love what you do! Don’t be afraid to collaborate!! You can learn so much about yourself from working with others, and of course, learn new ways to write music!

What are your lives like outside of music?

We really just try to spend time with friends and family. We’ve been on the road a lot lately so sometimes it’s hard to find the time. We also do a few shifts at Kirsten’s mom’s bar in CBS for a bit of extra money. We love playing Pokémon Go and watching movies and tend to nerd out a lot. We both also love to perform in local musical theatre shows at home in our spare time! 

Let the readers know where to find you online.

QuoteTheRavenDuo is our Instagram and Facebook page handle! All of our social media links are on our website 


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