Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hello!  My name is Sydney Cope, I’m 17 years old, and from Dallas, Texas! I am currently living in LA, and that’s where I am pursuing my dreams of singing, acting, and dancing. 
You’ve been entertaining since you were two years old. Were you ever focused on one area of entertainment or have you always been multi-dimensional?
I first started with dance at the age of 2, then began singing at 7, and dove into acting at 12. Since I started dancing at a young age, I fell in love with performing and did many singing performances all over the Dallas metroplex. 
You have said that “Dancing is my body expressing my emotions”. What types of dance are you involved in?
My two favorites are contemporary and hip-hop, but I’m well rounded in several different types including ballet, jazz, lyrical, and tap. 
I’ve read that you also teach dance. How difficult is it to teach someone how to do something so expressive?
It can be hard teaching to someone that isn’t passionate or not motivated to dance.  However, I story-tell when it comes to music and dancing, so I try my best to get others to connect with the music and relate it to something personal in their lives. 
You’ve recently released your debut single, “Watch Out For Me”. What can audiences expect from this song?
This one is a powerful song that hopefully, they will feel the emotions of the song and message while singing along!
How would you describe your musical style?
All my songs are diverse and have their own creativity. Overall, I would say it falls under indie pop. 
Can we expect an EP from you in the near future?
Possibly… :)) Yes, I am always working on creating new music and have plans for more to come!
Your career is still young. What types of goals have you set for yourself?
Right now my goals are to continue my education while I continue training in all of the areas I love.  I’ll continue creating new music to share and that I can be proud of.
What advice would you have for aspiring singers/songwriters?
Don’t be afraid to take risks on expressing your emotions, and do what you’re comfortable with expressing your story.
What’s your life like outside of the entertainment world?
There’s not much time in my life where I’m not doing some things associated with the arts. I’m passionate and always working hard to grow as much as I can. When I do have down time, I love spending time with friends and family. I’m currently still a junior in high school, but am taking college courses to get ahead and further my education as well. 
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