Check out a quick look at the last 20 years of Lego Star Wars with a timeline video, fun facts, and some pictures!

20 Years of LEGO® Star Wars™ Nostalgia in a Wrap:
• The launch of LEGO® Star Wars™ is announced at the International Toy Fair in New York, February 1999, by the LEGO Group and Lucas Film Ltd.
• Jar Jar Binks from 1999. The first minifigure ever to have a unique head sculpt. Decorations on Jar Jar’s head is added in 2011
• He’s just a kid… Young Anakin is one of the first minifigures with short legs. The first one is Yoda
• Have you ever wondered which one of the characters appear in most sets? Well, if you don’t count battle droids and storm troopers the answer is … R2-D2. The little guy is included in roughly 30 sets
• Obi-Wan Kenobi shares the long dark orange headpiece with another male Minifigure. Boromir in the LEGO® Lord of the Rings theme
• Zam Wesell. Well not one of the most frequent minifigures to feature a LEGO® Star Wars™ set. But – she is one of the first minifigures to have double sided face decoration
• Who is he? Ohh … it’s Jedi Bob. One Jedi minifigure appears in just one LEGO® set, the Republic Gunship™ #7163 from 2002 never to be seen again
• The first battle droids are launched in 1999. They didn’t do much, however, as the hands only gripped horizontally. In 2007, the hand is changed to vertical grip, hence making it perfect for holding a blaster
• The Darth Vader minifigure has changed many times over the years. One very important thing has remained the same for many years, though: his helmet, which is first moulded in 1999 and not replaced until 2015, when a new piece was introduced
• Deep in the forests of Endor lives the Ewok tribe. Though small in stature they have skills. Excellent with a bow and arrow, spears and scouting skills you’d better have them on your side in a battle
• Before launch of new LEGO® Star Wars™ sets are exposed to heat similar to the stress caused by one year of sun light through a window. The oven used for this purpose, however, was too small to fit the #10179 UCS Millennium Falcon™ from 2007. Instead, the team had to find a sauna in a public swimming pool. It worked!
• To find the LEGO® element for the cockpit windshield in the X-Wing Fighter™, #7191 from year 2000 designer Henrik Andersen found an old mould, that he could use. The mould was for an old 4.5-volt battery box from a LEGO train set
• Even though the Ultimate Collectors Series X-Wing Fighter™, #7191 from 2000 is massive, R2-D2 is the only character featuring the set
• 24 minifigures and droids enable fans of all ages to reenact almost every single scene taking place on the Death Star™, #10188 from 2008
• Almost 700 sets, more than 1000 LEGO Star Wars minifigures, five video games, several television and web series and lots of merchandising has been shared with fans of all ages since the launch in 1999

Lego Star Wars - 20 Year Celebration Timeline Video (2019)


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