3Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a young actress from London, England. I speak French, my favourite colour is orange and my favourite animal is a Capybara. I have an older sister who’s currently in Texas and I love to travel and explore.

How did you get your start as an actress? Was it always something you strived to make a career out of?

I’ve always been involved with some sort of acting, at local theatres or with various courses and now this past year I’ve been involved with some great different projects. I definitely did strive to make a career out of it, and I’ve always thought of acting as my number one career option.

You’ve earned a place in the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain. What type of opportunity does this present to your growth as an actress?

The training and opportunities that the National Youth Theatre offers are world class, so I’m so excited to learn and get involved with anything that can. The fact that they have amazing actors like Colin Firth and Matt Smith as their alumni shows how many doors it can open! I can’t wait to work with other young actors from across Britain as well.

What did it mean for you to perform in the UK Monologue Slam at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre?

The Monologue Slam was an amazing experience as everyone involved was so supportive. The other performers were very talented and so it was great getting to watch and perform alongside them at such a wonderful venue.

A couple of your latest roles are in movies called, “Before Nightfall” and “In Front Of You”. What can you tell us about these roles?

In Before Nightfall, an upcoming thriller, I play the lead character of Grace and the film follows the strange events that are taking place in a 17th-century village. With In Front of You, an upcoming psychological horror, I play the lead character of Lina and the film follows the strange events that take place in her life as well. Both characters have quite a few similarities, including something abnormal terrorising them but at the same time, the films couldn’t be any more different. I mean, one character is in Jeans and the other in a medieval coif! 

Both of your recent roles have been in the horror genre? Is that a conscious choice or are you looking for roles in every genre?

Although I absolutely love watching horrors, it wasn’t a conscious choice. With a lot of things in the industry, it was just sort of the way things worked out. I’d love to try roles in every genre, but if another great horror came along I’d struggle to turn it down!

You’ve also been cast in the new British series, “Moriarty”. Tell us a little bit about your character?

In Moriarty, I’ve been cast as the character of Simpson, who’s one of the Baker Street Kids. She helps out Holmes from time to time and so has her way of getting information and being important to someone.

Are you looking to get into more TV roles? How does the preparation for a role on a TV show differ from the preparation for a movie role?

Most of the auditions that I’ve had recently have been for TV roles and so it’s something I’d love to get into. With TV roles the preparation depends on whether it’s a new show or an existing one, as if it’s new then you have the opportunity to create your character and style of performance but if it’s an existing show then it’s often about how your character can fit into the existing world but also have an impact on it. With films, you often don’t get the backstory of a character, and so the preparation involves creating the characters past and how that affects their current views and behaviour.

What’s next for your career?

After my exams are over in a few weeks I’ve got some more voiceover and filming jobs lined up as well as training with the National Youth Theatre. I’m definitely hoping to get involved with theatre productions and TV next and also to get back to LA soon and audition for more North American productions. I was recently in Toronto and I adored it. I’d love to shoot there in the future as well!

What advice would you have for aspiring actresses?

I would say to just give your everything to acting and to really immerse yourself. Print scripts from your favourite films and TV shows and record them with friends as practice, upload filmed monologues, attend local theatres, go to film festivals, learn accents from YouTube and take any course or lesson that you can! Don’t give up and stay positive.

What’s your life like outside of acting?

Acting makes my life quite unpredictable but I love to travel and see new places. I’ll often be at some of my favourite food spots in London with friends or visiting my sister wherever she is in the world! I also spend a lot of time at the cinema and theatre.

Let the readers know where to find you online.

You can find me on my official website www.ellagreenwood.com and on twitter @ellagreenwood16 and Instagram @popsella

You can also ask me a question on StarsQA!


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