Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m 23. I’m a first generation Canadian. I love all things analog. My addiction is reading. I have two older brothers. My favorite color is blue! 
You were accepted into the Etobicoke High School for the Arts for a double major in dance and drama. How did your time at the school prepare you for your future career? 

I only spent two years at ESA, my grade 10 and 11 years. I think any amount of time being around other creative minds and being submerged in your art is good for you. The dance program and dance teachers were really wonderful and inspiring. I learned a lot about self-discipline and time management. I also learned what my own voice was and where I had leniency and where I didn’t. Sometimes you work with people you clash with which I definitely experienced and I learned that I have to believe in myself and my work and stay focused on my goal. There isn’t the same path for everybody. Overall it was a really transformative two years that I’ll never forget and in a lot of ways helped me and taught me lessons I’ve carried forward in my career. 
What was it like to play Helen Blackthorn in Shadowhunters considering how strong the fanbase is for the show? 
It was incredible. It was also very intimidating. That was my first recurring role on a television show and to have such a strong reaction from the fans was startling. It really is humbling to be a part of a show that means so much to so many people. Especially when you feel and see that impact every day when you turn on your phone. I really felt I had a responsibility to the fans to do the role justice and not disappoint them. 
You’re also a regular in the Netflix Original, “V-WARS”. What can viewers expect from this show? 
It’s a very dark gritty show, it deals with some real human and political issues in an exciting way. It’s a different take on vampires. You really get to know and care for these complex characters that are all fighting so strongly for what they believe in. The characters are so complex and so well written. This show is a different take on a familiar story and it really brings a new level that I think the audiences are going to love.
Your next role is in the mystery series called, “Departure”. What can you tell us about your role in the show? 
Sophia is a young girl who’s trying to have fun with her boyfriend AJ and gets caught up in a conspiracy theory about a missing plane. She’s a bit out of her depth here. She’s trying so desperately to connect with AJ and to support him but she isn’t as adept at sleuthing as he is. 
“Departure” is about a plane vanishing over the Atlantic Ocean. Are mysteries and conspiracies things that interest you? 
Definitely! It’s fascinating to me how often these theories pop up and how elaborate they are. I think it’s interesting to me that there’s something hard-wired in the human brain to mistrust, or not necessarily believe what’s presented to us. I think that says a lot about us as people. I think some of them are true and some of them aren’t but the prevalence of them is what fascinates me more than anything. 
What’s next for your career? What goals would you like to achieve? 
I’d like to branch out a bit. I’ve begun writing with the help and mentorship of some of the amazing people I’ve worked with this year. I would love to produce my own projects. There are some stories I’m really passionate about telling and it would mean so much to me to get to be the one to bring them to life. I’me trying to learn more about directing and producing, the other side of things. I want to be well rounded and the people around me this past year have definitely inspired me to move in that direction. 
What advice would you have for aspiring actors/actresses? 
Make sure that this is really what you love. Be patient. Find joy in the wait. Work hard. Study. Grow. Be your own biggest critic and your own biggest cheerleader. Learn how to self sustain. Find the stories that move you, find your voice as an artist. Know that you can always keep learning. Don’t be afraid of failing or looking stupid. 
What’s your life like outside of the acting world? 
I spend a lot of my spare time reading, going for walks. I train with my trainer three days a week. I like to do boxing, archery anything to keep me learning new skills. I write music for fun. Spend time with my family and my cat. Spend time with my friends. I do the things that make me happy and keep me feeling fulfilled. 
You support a handful of causes that are important to you. Talk to us a little bit about those and why they’re important to you. 
Me to We is a family of charities run by Marc and Craig Kielburger and they do incredible work globally to end poverty through education and provided economic empowerment worldwide. I would highly recommend checking them out. They do great work encouraging youth to get involved with social causes. 
The Equal Justice Initiative is looking to end school to prison pipelines and ensure racial and socioeconomic equality when it comes to representation in the court systems. They are seeking to end mass incarceration. Their work is so impressive and if you read about some of the cases they have dealt with and the miscarriage of justice it’s just heartbreaking. It’s a very important cause. 
Every Town is looking for sensible gun laws to reduce gun violence which has been an absolutely deviating issue in recent years. They work hard to bring both sides of the aisle together through education on the issue to save lives. 
Let the readers know where to find you online.
I’m on instagram @sydneymeyer48 on twitter @meyers48 and on youtube!


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